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The sp_executesql Interface
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Figure 3-13: .NET SOM parser complaints about the nondeterministic nature of the schema. Validating Against an XSD Document After this long digression into the XML Schema API in the .NET Framework, let's conclude this chapter by looking at what happens when the XmlValidatingReader class is called to operate on an XML file that includes, or references, an XML schema. The following code shows how to set up the XML validator class to work on XSD files: XmlTextReader _coreReader = new XmlTextReader(fileName); XmlValidatingReader reader XmlValidatingReader(_coreReader); reader.ValidationType = ValidationType.Schema; reader.ValidationEventHandler ValidationEventHandler(MyHandler); while(reader.Read()); When the ValidationType property is set to Schema, the parser tries to proceed anyway, regardless of the fact that the source file has no link to a schema file. An interesting phenomenon occurs when the XML schema is embedded in the XML document that is being validated. In this case, the schema appears as a constituent part of the source document. In particular, it is a direct child of the document root element. The schema is an XML subtree that is logically placed at the same level as the document to validate. A well-formed XML document can't have two roots, however. Thus an all-encompassing root node with two children, the schema and the document, must be created, as shown here: <wrapper> <xs:schema xmlns:xs="" targetNamespace="sample"> <xs:element name="book" type="xs:string" /> </xs:schema> <smp:book xmlns:smp="sample"> Applied XML Programming for Microsoft(r) .NET </smp:book> 107 += new = new
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share records using the application programming interface. Therefore you could set up automation to share records with specific users or teams when certain conditions are met. However, take care not to create too many automated shares because the user interface doesn t contain a tool to help you quickly identify a group of records with sharing permissions (though you can examine one record at a time). For example, it would be difficult to answer the question Which of the existing accounts in the system have shares set up on them Therefore, creating too many shares might become a maintenance headache down the road.
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The trigger constructs a message with the keycol value of the row that was inserted and prints it . It uses a subquery to fetch the keycol value from inserted . If you insert a single row to the table, the trigger works well:
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Lesson 1
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Table 2-4
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Last occurrence of a Tuesday in the reference year:
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Practice 1: Install DHCP on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 member server (preferably Enterprise Edition). Create a scope, exclude any statically config ured IP addresses, and specify a lease period. Authorize the server (if nec essary) and activate the scope. Set up client PCs on your test network to receive their IP configurations and DNS server information automatically, and check that they have been configured. Access the DNS tab on the DHCP server properties page and note the current settings. If you have a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 DHCP client on your network, set up DHCP to register that client s host A and PTR records in dynamic DNS (DDNS). Practice 2: Configure scope options 003 and 006 for your scope. Release and renew the DHCP leases on your clients, and check that they are configured with the correct default gateway and DNS server addresses. Practice 3: Configure a reservation for one of your clients. Set DHCP client options for this reservation to values different from those in your scope options. Release and renew the DHCP lease on this client, and check that it is configured with the same IP address as before but with the new default gateway and DNS server addresses. Practice 3: Configure a multihomed server as a router. Implement a second subnet. Set up DHCP Relay Agent on the router. Create a scope for the second subnet on your DHCP server, put both your scopes in a superscope, and acti vate the second scope. Check that you get the expected result. If you do not have a multihomed server, you can carry out this practice by assigning a sec ond address to the router s network interface card (NIC) and creating two logical subnets on the same physical network.
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Part II Advanced Features
<fileset dir="dd"> <include name="*.properties"/> </fileset> </copy> </target> <target name="compile-clean"> <delete includeemptydirs="true"> <fileset dir="${classes}" includes="**/*"/> </delete> </target> Notice that we ve added two more targets other than compile. These are compile-init and compile-clean. The compile-init target simply creates the classes directory by making use of the mkdir task. The compile-clean target uses the delete task to remove the directory and all of its contents.
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At the top of a file, use a block comment to describe the contents of the file. Here are some guidelines for the block comment:
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Unable to reach locations beyond the VPN routers. This is where
he Spring Framework is an open source Dependency Injection (DI) and Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) lightweight container and full-stack Java EE application framework leading the pack in the movement towards making enterprise Java development simpler, faster, less error-prone, and more enjoyable. Spring helps you assemble components declaratively into a working system. Spring is based on the principle that good object-oriented design should come first and not be hindered by the choice of technology being used. Spring grew from the experiences of a seasoned and dedicated team of developers led by Rod Johnson dealing with real applications on a daily basis and looking for a way to address end-to-end application requirements in a consistent fashion across application tiers. The Spring Framework brings back some of the good object-oriented aspects that were missing from the previous versions of Java EE platform, such as the use of POJOs, programming by contract using interfaces, and clean, layered architecture. Spring eliminates the need to deal with most middle-tier glue as opposed to heavyweight component models like EJB 2.X, allowing you to build truly portable, object-oriented Java SE and Java EE applications. The Spring Framework is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.
FIGURE 15-1 The Updates page of the Windows SBS Console
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