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You can add Silverlight content to a Web page in three ways . The first is to use the traditional <object> tag embedded in HTML . Second, you can use the ASP .NET server-side control for hosting Silverlight content . Finally, you can add Silverlight content dynamically using some JavaScript . Begin by adding content using the <object> tag .
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29 Hybrid Thread Synchronization
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Use advanced sharing to create shorter network paths
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The top of the hierarchy is the on-screen headline, which summarizes the point you make at this moment; the second level of the hierarchy is the on-screen graphic, which visually explains the headline; and the third level of the hierarchy is the off-screen narrative explanation in the notes area, which further explains both the headline and the visual element with your spoken words. When you work with graphics in this chapter, never forget the role of your narration. Not only does your voice provide a rich stream of information, but also you will use it during your presentation to emphasize the relative importance of information. For example, when you raise the volume of your voice, you indicate that what you are saying now is more important than what you said in a lower voice just before. Other classic techniques of public speaking can also be used to add emphasis, such as using intonation and pauses for effect. Although you will be working on individual slides in Normal view, it s a good idea to return frequently to Notes Page view during the process of adding graphics to view the slides in the context of their verbal narration. Keeping in mind how your voice will seamlessly integrate with the graphics you add to each slide, Figure 8-3 shows the built-in hierarchy of the default layout for your slides in Normal view. When you display any layout on the screen, you want your audience s eyes to go rst to the most important information on the slide the headline that summarizes your point. The headline communicates the topic clearly to the audience, reminds you as a speaker what you want to say, and keeps both parties focused on a speci c topic.
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This usage of the ItemGroup element will add the Level to the Source item values. The value for the Level metadata will depend on the Type metadata value. If the Type is set to CS, then the Level is set to L1; if the Type is VB, then the Level will be set to L2. You can verify its behavior by using the command msbuild Items01.proj /t:AddMetadata.
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5. Click Connect.
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Reviewing the Call to Action and Key Point Slides for The Report Engaging Students with The Class Researching and Adding Available Graphics for The Class Reviewing the Act I Slides for The Class Reviewing the Call to Action and Key Point Slides for The Class Putting Your Clients at the Center in The Pitch Researching and Adding Available Graphics for The Pitch Reviewing the Act I Slides for The Pitch Reviewing the Call to Action and Key Point Slides for The Pitch Handling Objections to BBP
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if (numberOfCPUs > 1) { }
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Part IV
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independent of the original struct; any changes made to the content of the new struct will not be reflected in the original. Should the need arise to pass a struct reference, use the ref or out modifier on the parameter. The need to use ref may indicate that a class would be a more appropriate alternative. See the "Variables" section later in this chapter for full details of the ref and out parameter modifiers.
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Lesson 4
a list of links that you can use as sequential steps as you create, prepare, distribute, and evaluate the results of your publication (see Figure 7-3).
Here the XAML code for a TextBlock control is created that contains the text A new TextBlock . This is then used to create an XAML node in the control content; after it is complete, Silverlight will return a reference to the TextBlock. This reference is then added to the Silverlight control s render tree and is used to render the context of the TextBlock.
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