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You create an Entity Framework model by using the ADO.NET Entity Data Model template from the Add New Item dialog box in Visual Studio. This file is an EDMX file. Like a LINQ to SQL DBML file, this file has an XML representation of the schema (which can be edited in the designer). It also includes a code-behind class file that contains the actual entity objects in your model as well as the database connectivity and the table and column mappings. When you add a new ADO.NET Entity Data Model to your website, Visual Studio walks you through the Entity Data Model Wizard. Here you can choose to create your model from scratch or generate it from an existing database structure. You can also select the connection to an actual database. Finally, you select the items you want to include in your model. Figure 11-5 shows an example. Notice that you can also pluralize or singularize object names to make sure individual objects are singular and collections of those objects have plural names. When you have finished using the wizard to associate your entities with their data source counterparts, Visual Studio generates the EDMX file. Again, this includes a definition of the current database structure, an object structure, and a mapping between these two structures. Figure 11-6 shows an example of the pubs database generated as an Entity Framework model.
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Object Hash Codes
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From Figure 2-5, we can see that the values for the properties that were provided at the command line were successfully passed through. Note in this example that we passed the OutputPath contained in quotes. In this case the quotes are optional, but if you are passing paths that contain spaces, then they are required. When you provide a value for a property code 128 checksum
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Managing Users and Groups
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Figure 5-6 Advanced tab
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Understanding How Caching Works
There are a few simple techniques for basic structural testing approaches of a function including statement testing and block testing. The purpose of statement testing is to exercise all statements in a function. By comparison, block testing exercises groups of sequential statements or blocks of statements that are free from branches or function calls. Because block testing provides greater sensitivity for evaluating control flow through a function, and many coverage tools currently in use measure block coverage, we typically use block testing for designing our minimum set of structural tests. Block Coverage vs. Statement Coverage Statement coverage measures the number of statements in a program that have been executed during testing. Block coverage measures the number of contiguous groups of statements unbound by branches. Conditional clauses that cause control flow to branch can include multiple blocks. This might seem like a minor difference; however, the distinction between statement testing and block testing is important because block testing provides better sensitivity to control flow as compared to statement testing. Example1 function Subnet ID (in binary):00
Checking for New Solutions
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