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Configuring DNS Clients
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In a similar way, if you sketched a chart on the Setting slide, as shown on the lower-left slide in Figure 7-4, use it again on the Role slide. Sketch a small magnifying glass over the chart to illustrate the searching theme from the headline, as shown on the upper-right slide in Figure 7-5. Carrying over the same graphical element from the preceding slide helps to tell the story visually across the two storyboard frames. Your verbal explanation will keep the story owing too, as you transition between the two slides by saying something like, Although we all can agree that the returns are declining, we can also agree that you want to do something about it. Advance to the Role slide, and say, Like everyone else, you ve been searching for the next thing to do.
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When it comes to presentations, one size might not t all. The beauty of your Act I headlines is that they are nely tailored and tuned to solve the speci c problem of a speci c audience. But what if your audience has more than one problem What if you give the same presentation to different audiences that have different problems to solve For example, you might need to present a marketing plan to different audiences, including the board, your advertising agency, and your sales team. In each instance, the presentation will have a different focus and will need a different version of Act I. If you don t tailor your presentations to your audiences, you won t connect with them. One way to plan for these different situations is to create several versions of Act I, each of which is tailored to a speci c audience. Create a copy of the Microsoft Of ce Word document that contains the ve Act I headlines from your current story template. In the new document, revise the Point A and Point B headlines, which describe the central problem that your new audience faces. When you change these headlines to re ect a new problem, you might nd that you need to revise the Setting and Role headlines if a different set of circumstances led to this problem. And you most likely will also need to revise the Call to Action headline because the solution for the new problem will probably be different from the solution to the previous problem. By creating separate versions of Act I, you can choose the most appropriate version for your next audience.
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When converting numbers to binary strings, only nonnegative values will preserve their original sort behavior. As for character strings, converting them to binary values makes them use similar sort behavior to a binary sort order.
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Payroll Application Server Sensitivity: 8 File Servers Mail Collaboration Collaboration Servers Database Servers HR Personnel Workstations Sensitivity: 6 Servers Sensitivity: 6 Sensitivity: 6 Sensitivity: 7 Workstations Sensitivity: 1 Sensitivity: 8
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Windows Failures
Figure 5-1 : One possible ASP structure for form validation
Local System Network Service
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