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FIGURE 19-12 The New GPO dialog box
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AfterCompile Configuration
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It makes sense to break the single large DELETE transaction into several smaller onessmall enough not to cause lock escalation (typically, a few thousand rows per transaction), and allowing recycling of the transaction log. You can easily verify that the number you chose doesn't cause lock escalation by testing a DELETE with the TOP option while monitoring Lock Escalation events with Profiler. Splitting the large DELETE will also allow overwriting the inactive section of the log that was already backed up. To demonstrate purging data in multiple transactions, run the following code, which creates the LargeOrders table and populates it with sample data: IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.LargeOrders') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.LargeOrders; GO SELECT IDENTITY(int, 1, 1) AS OrderID, O1.CustomerID, O1.EmployeeID, O1.OrderDate, O1.RequiredDate, O1.ShippedDate, O1.ShipVia, O1.Freight, O1.ShipName, O1.ShipAddress, O1.ShipCity, O1.ShipRegion, O1.ShipPostalCode, O1.ShipCountry INTO dbo.LargeOrders FROM dbo.Orders AS O1, dbo.Orders AS O2; CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX idx_od_oid ON dbo.LargeOrders(OrderDate, OrderID); barcode generator
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Figure 18 7 : Making Visual Studio .NET aware of your own exception type In this dialog box, you can enter the fully qualified name of your own exception type. Note that the type you enter doesn t have to be a type derived from System.Exception; non CLS compliant types are fully supported. If you have two or more types with the same name but in different assemblies, there is no way to distinguish the types from one another. Fortunately, this situation rarely happens. If your assembly defines several exception types, you must add them one at a time. In the future, I d like to see this dialog box allow me to browse for an assembly and automatically import all Exception derived types into Visual Studio s debugger. Each type could then be identified by assembly as well, which would fix the problem of having two types with the same name in different assemblies. In addition, it might be nice if this dialog box also allowed me to individually select types not derived from Exception so that I could add any non CLS compliant exceptions that I might define. However, non CLS compliant exception types are strongly discouraged, so this isn t a must have feature.
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Implementing Hashing Functionality in the Business Tier
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Listing 31-30. C++ example of code that is appropriately grouped and separated.
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Windows Task Manager is a tool that serves two essential purposes. You can use it to track aspects of your system s performance, and you can use it to see what programs and processes are running and terminate items when the normal shutdown methods aren t working.
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Lesson 2: Working with Data-Bound Web Server Controls code 39 generator database
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Destination IP address Destination subnet mask Protocol Any
Sorting Results by Relevance
implementations included with Prism. For more information, see the section Exploring the Reference Implementations. Appendix G, QuickStarts. Prism includes the source code for several QuickStarts that demonstrate key concepts. For more information, see the next section, Exploring the QuickStarts. Appendix H, Prism Hands-On Labs. The hands-on labs demonstrate how to build a simple composite application, step-by-step, in WPF and Silverlight. This appendix primarily targets developers who want to understand the basic concepts of the Prism Library. It also includes a deployment hands-on lab for publishing and updating a Prism WPF application with ClickOnce.
Advanced Features
include), add the following line before any #include directive in your precompiled header file: #define _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC After the rest of your header files, include CRTDBG.H. Defining _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC will redirect normal calls to memory allocation and deallocation functions to special versions that record the source file and line number for each allocation or deallocation. The second step you need to take is to turn on the DCRT library heap code. As I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, by default, most of the features of the DCRT library are turned off. The documentation states that most of the features are turned off to keep the code small and to increase execution speed. Although size and speed are important for a release build, the whole point of a debug build is to find bugs! The increased size and reduced speed of debug builds is inconsequential. So don't hesitate to turn on all the features you think will help you. The _CrtSetDbgFlag function takes a set of flags, shown in Table 17-2, that can be OR'd together to turn on various options in the DCRT library.
17. Security and Cryptography
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