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Microsoft ASP.NET 4 Step by Step
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A Visual Studio Web Application project is the more traditional type of web project used prior to Visual Studio 2005. When Microsoft developers introduced the Web Site concept, they did not take into account the many developers who were comfortable with the project- based solution approach. To accommodate those developers, Microsoft announced the Visual Studio 2005 Web Application project as an add-on to Visual Studio 2005. In Visual Studio 2008, this project type is once again a part of Visual Studio. The following are some of the advantages of using a Web Application project: All of the code files are compiled into a single assembly, placed in the bin directory. You can easily exclude files from a project, since all files within the project are defined within the project file. It s easier to migrate from older versions of Visual Studio.
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14 Chars, Strings, and Working with Text
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Changes to the Network Request
Running Servers on a Shoestring
Use the Customize and Options boxes to customize the template before you open it.
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Lesson 2: Creating Models, Views, and Controllers
Easily complete mail merge projects by using data lists from other sources including Microsoft Office Excel 2007 lists or data from your Microsoft Office Access 2007 database and filtering, sorting, and customizing publications for specific customer groups.
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