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The extensive .NET support for metadata can also be used to achieve local thread data in a way that is more familiar in implementation to Java programmers. Static variables annotated with the ThreadStatic attribute aren't shared among threads. Each thread has a separate instance of the variable, and modifications affect a copy local to the thread. An annotated class variable looks like this:
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17. Unusual Control Structures
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When you pass an Internet location, the CLR downloads the file, installs it into the user s download cache, and loads the file from there . Note that you must be online or an exception will be thrown . However, if the file has been downloaded previously, and if Windows Internet Explorer has been set to work offline (see Internet Explorer s Work Offline menu item in its File menu), the previously downloaded file will be used, and no exception will be thrown . You can also call UnsafeLoadFrom, which can load a Web-downloaded assembly, bypassing some security checks .
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Each service has a least-privilege security model. Services were factored so that more services run in the Local Service or Network Service log-on context. Each service is given a security identifier (SID) to enable per-service access control. Restricting SIDs are applied to some services. Services are allowed to be restricted by network domain. Session 0 Isolation is required for all Windows services. All services have System mandatory integrity level. Data execution prevention is enabled for all services. SCM status notification is enhanced.
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c. Incorrect: The resource file / class name should come before the resource name when
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Click Add Files to select files you want to add to the workspace.
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The capabilities of the Internet and the options for computing clients seem boundless, but there s probably a few capabilities you haven t thought of. Certainly you didn t think Microsoft would just sit still, did you A whole new world of functional ity is coming. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) will change the way the world will communi cate yet again. Internet and network communications are currently based on one main network layer communications protocol, IP version 4 (IPv4). In the comput ing world, nothing is constant except innovation, and the Internet is no excep tion. IPv6 is the next communications protocol that will be available on the Internet, making every computer, both server and client, uniquely identifiable on
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Estimated lesson time: 40 minutes
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<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"> <Scripts> <asp:ScriptReference path="ContosoUtilities.js" /> </Scripts> </asp:ScriptManager>
Now that you know how to apply a custom attribute, let s find out what an attribute really is. A custom attribute is simply an instance of a type. For Common Language Specification (CLS) compliance, custom attribute types must be derived, directly or indirectly, from System.Attribute. C# allows only CLS compliant attributes. By examining the .NET Framework SDK documentation, you ll see that the following types (from the earlier example) are defined: StructLayoutAttribute, MarshalAsAttribute, DllImportAttribute, InAttribute, and OutAttribute. All these types happen to be defined in the System.Runtime.InteropService namespace, but attribute types can be defined in any namespace. Upon further examination, you ll notice that all these types are derived from System.Attribute, as all CLS compliant attribute types must be. As I mentioned, an attribute is an instance of a type. The type must have a public constructor to create an instance of it. So, when you apply an attribute to a target, the syntax is similar to that for calling one of the type s instance constructors. In addition, a language might permit some special syntax that allows you to set any public fields or properties associated with the attribute type. Let s look at an example. Recall the application of the DllImport attribute as it was applied to the GetVersionEx method earlier:
ot every crash is a catastrophe. That might be difficult to remember when you switch on your computer and are confronted by an ominous error message or a black screen instead of the Windows Vista Welcome screen. But if you analyze what caused your system to stop working properly, you have an excellent chance of recovering quickly and completely. In some cases, the cause is easy to pinpoint. If you install a new scanner or update a video driver and your system hangs at a blank screen when you restart, you can safely bet that the new device or driver is to blame. Error messages sometimes point directly to a file that s causing a problem. Even without a smoking gun, you can use basic troubleshooting techniques to uncover the cause of a crash. Windows Vista provides a full assortment of troubleshooting and repair options. The circumstances and severity of the problem usually dictate which tool is most appropriate. In this chapter, we cover two broad categories of recovery tools:
pair programming including how to handle various personality matches (expert and inexpert, introvert and extrovert) and other implementation issues. Beck, Kent. Extreme Programming: Embrace Change, Reading, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 2000. This book touches on pair programming briefly and shows how it can be used in conjunction with other mutually supportive techniques, including coding standards, frequent integration, and regression testing. Reifer, Donald. How to Get the Most Out of Extreme Programming/Agile Methods, Proceedings, XP/Agile Universe 2002. New York: Springer; pp. 185196. This paper summarizes industrial experience with extreme programming and agile methods and presents keys to success for pair programming.
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The first line is syntactically correct, but switching = and == is a common mistake and the line is probably wrong. Lint is a picky syntax and semantics checker you can find in many C/C++ environments. Lint warns you about uninitialized variables, completely unused variables, variables that are assigned values and never used, parameters of a routine that are passed out of the routine without being assigned a value, suspicious pointer operations, suspicious logical comparisons (like the one in the example above), inaccessible code, and many other common problems. Other languages offer similar tools.
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