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Windows Media metafiles are XML files that can be created and viewed in a plain text editor. They re typically designed to be redirectors, which allow Windows Media Player to open and play streaming media sources on Web servers. The file name extensions typically end in x: .asx, .wax, .wvx, .wmx. Windows Media Player playlists are client-side XML metafiles that define static or dynamic lists of files to be played back. They typically use the .wpl file name extension. Microsoft Digital Video Recording is the file format used by the TV recording engine in Windows Media Center. Files stored in this format use the file name extension .dvr-ms and can be recorded at any of several quality levels. Converting these files to the more highly compressed WMV format typically results in significant savings in disk space. The Windows Media Download Package format combines Windows Media Player skin borders, playlist information, and multimedia content in a single downloadable file that uses a .wmd extension. Audio Video Interleave (AVI) is the most common format for playback of video clips on Windows-based computers. Developed by Microsoft, this format can accommodate content encoded using a number of popular codecs from Microsoft and from third parties. Windows Media Player can play back an AVI file only if the codec it uses is installed. A group of widely used formats from the Moving Pictures Experts Group are supported in Windows Media Player. MPEG-1 is a relatively low-quality video format that uses the .mpeg, .mpg, and .m1v file name extensions. MPEG-2 encoded video files are DVD quality; Windows Vista is the first Windows version to include a built-in MPEG-2 decoder (in Home Premium and Ultimate editions only; other editions must purchase and install a third-party decoder). MPEG Audio Layer II (MP2) is an audio encoding format that is rarely used today. MPEG Audio Layer III, more popularly known as MP3, is the most popular audio encoding format in
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
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Figure 9-8. Breaking the TechConf build
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26. Code-Tuning Techniques
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Use the Tags list in the Navigation Pane to manage existing tags. Right-click a tag name to choose from a shortcut menu that lets you create a new tag, rename an existing tag, or delete a tag. If you delete a tag from this list, it also deletes that tag from all files to which the tag is currently applied. Tags can be organized into hierarchies. Figure 17-9 shows a top-level Animals tag, with subtags for Cats, Dogs, Dolphins, Meerkats, and other types of animals, and subtags for the names of individual pets under the Cats tag. You can drag an existing tag and drop it onto another to create a hierarchical relationship, or create a new hierarchy on the fly by using forward slashes: Animals/Cats/Bianca.
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Sync I/O Sync I/O Sync I/O Unregister
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The .reg files created by the Export command in Registry Editor are plain text, suitable for reading and editing in Notepad or any similar editor. Therefore, they provide an alternative method for editing your registry. You can export a section of the registry, change it offline, and then merge it back into the registry. Or you can add new keys, values, and data to the registry by creating a .reg file from scratch and merging it. A .reg file is particularly useful if you need to make the same changes to the registry of several different computers. You can make and test your changes on one machine, save the relevant part of the registry as a .reg file, and then transport the file to the other machines that require it.
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You can also compare two arrays by subtracting one against the other. This technique removes any elements from the main array that are in both arrays:
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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FIGURE 10-14 Custom activities appear in the ribbon under the Other Activities button
Figure 5-24
Description Specifies the navigation bar shown before the last page of the wizard. By default, the navigation bar contains the Previous and Finish buttons. Specifies the title bar of the wizard. Used to display content in the left side of the wizard control. Specifies the navigation bar for the first view in the wizard. By default, it contains only the Next button. Specifies the navigation bar for steps other than first, finish, or complete. By default, it contains Previous and Next buttons.
When you create a stored procedure, SQL Server first parses the code to check for syntax errors . If the code passes the parsing stage successfully, SQL Server attempts to resolve the names it contains . The resolution process verifies the existence of object and column names, among other things . If the referenced objects exist, the resolution process will take place fully that is, it also checks for the existence of the referenced column names . If an object name exists but a column within it doesn t, the resolution process produces an error and the stored procedure is not created . However, if the object doesn t exist at all, SQL Server creates the stored procedure and defers the resolution process to run time, when the stored procedure is invoked . Of course, if a referenced object or a column is still missing when you execute the stored procedure, the code will fail . This process of postponing name resolution until run time is called deferred name resolution . I ll demonstrate the resolution aspects I just described . First run the following code to make sure that the Proc1 procedure, the Proc2 procedure, and the table T1 do not exist within tempdb:
The function accepts three input arguments: input, pattern, and replacement . After input validation, the function simply invokes the Regex.Replace method, which substitutes each occurrence of pattern within the string input with the replacement pattern . You don t need to express the iterations yourself to handle all occurrences of the pattern . Also, this function handles patterns representing strings of any length, while the T-SQL version handled only patterns representing a single character . Use the following code to register the C# version of the RegexReplace function: domain
SELECT C.custid, companyname, orderid FROM Sales.Customers AS C, Sales.Orders AS O;
Variable Name
(default for the Server GC mode)
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