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Figure 9-2: Command window's IntelliSense popup executing a macro If you're really into using the Command window to run macros or any of the other built-in commands, the built-in alias command allows you to redefine shorter text commands so that you don't have to type something like this every time you want to run a macro: Macros.BugslayerMacros.CommenTater.AddNoCommentTasksForSolution You also can remove aliases by passing a /d in front of the defined alias. Macro Parameters One fact that's not very clear from the Macro Explorer window and the Command window's IntelliSense popup is that the only macros shown in both windows are macros that don't take any parameters. That makes sense in Macro Explorer because it would be pretty difficult to pass parameters when you're double-clicking on an item. However, if you're using the Command window, you probably do want to pass some form of parameter. The 365
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Created in 1997 by Bradford L. Barrett, Webalizer is one of the oldest and most popular standalone packages. It has international support and is currently available in over two dozen languages. It can process log files no matter their size and the program is available on most platforms (including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux). Instead of a graphical user interface, it is executed from the command line so that it can be activated with a macro process. The site statistics are output in a series of HTML pages that include tables of information and usage graphs. Webalizer is available for free download at Webalizer can process log files stored in the three most popular formats: CLF (common log format), Apache Custom Log format, and W3C Extended Log File format. By default, Apache uses the Apache Custom Log format and Microsoft IIS uses the W3C Extended Log File format. CLF holds the least amount of traffic information, so a web server should not be configured for this format unless it is needed for a special requirement (e.g., your stastics package only supports this format). The Webalizer application is run at the command line. The most common method of running an analysis is specifying the log file with a direct path. However, Webalizer can also access a log file via the FTP protocol. That allows the program to process the log files on remote hosts and eliminates the need to transfer the often very large files before analysis can be performed.
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If you are using Eclipse and you ve followed the steps in 2, in order for the examples in this chapter to work you ll have to add the Hibernate JARs to the TechConf project build path. To do so, go to the Project Properties page by selecting the project node in the Eclipse Package Explorer or Navigator, select Properties (by right-clicking on the node or via the main menu under Project Properties) and select Java Build Path. Click the Add Jars button to navigate to the lib directory and select the JARs shown in Figure 4-11.
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As with the view state approach, a hidden field is stored as a field on a page. The view state technique and hidden fields only work for multiple requests to a single page.
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For Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers that develop programming customizations for their system, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a big benefit by using .NET technologies. Because .NET is one of the most widely used development platforms in the world, many customers already have employees with the tools and skills to develop Microsoft Dynamics CRM programming customizations in Microsoft Visual Studio. Many other competing CRM products require programmers to learn an entirely new programming language or markup syntax specific to their application. The proprietary and niche customization technologies used by competing CRM products can lead to a slower development cycle and higher maintenance costs. More Info This book focuses on configuring and customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but
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The figure illustrates each employee as spreading two arms around its subordinates. Left and right values can now be assigned to the different arms by simply incrementing a counter from left to right. Keep this illustration in mind, as it's the key to understanding the solution that I will present. Again, the baseline is the original algorithm that traverses a subtree a level at a time and constructs a binary sort path based on desired sibling sorting (for example, empname, empid).
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Figure 15-1 Six basic elements of the Windows Media Player interface.
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Query CRM Data
using System; using System.Runtime; public static class Program { public static void Main() { try { // Logically reserve 1.5 GB of memory using (MemoryFailPoint mfp = new MemoryFailPoint(1500)) { // Perform memory-hungry algorithm in here } // Dispose will logically free the 1.5 GB of memory } catch (InsufficientMemoryException e) { // The memory could not be reserved Console.WriteLine(e); } } }
internal sealed class Account { public static void Transfer(Account from, Account to, Decimal amount) { from -= amount; to += amount; } }
The .NET Encoder and Decoder classes are simpler than their Java counterparts and are summarized in Tables 7-9 and 7-10.
Run the following code to turn the session option on: SET STATISTICS TIME ON;
Handling the Mouse
Anatomy of a Log File
Method GetView GetViewNames
FIGURE 7-17 Parameters list in the Form Properties dialog box
13, Managing Security Dependencies to Secure Your Network
This example is provided in the Scatter 1 worksheet and in Figure 3-32:
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