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Lesson 2: Exploring Specialized Server Controls
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A custom web control is a control that you write that inherits either from the WebControl class or from an existing web server control. Each custom web control contains the code necessary to render the control (or inherits it from another control). The control can be compiled into a separate DLL file that can be shared among applications and can optionally be installed in the global assembly cache (GAC). There are two common approaches to creating a custom web server control. The first approach is to create a web server control that inherits directly from WebControl. The WebControl class provides a base set of functionality. With this functionality, you can handle styles by using UI-related properties such as BackColor, ForeColor, Font, Height, and Width. However, this leaves you with a lot of work to finish developing the control. The second approach is to inherit from an existing web server control that already provides the core features you need for your control. This can give you a jump start and allow you to focus on what makes your control different. This is the more common scenario. This section explores both approaches. Regardless of the approach, you should carefully consider how the control will be reused. If the custom web server control is targeted to multiple websites, you should place the new custom web server control class into a class library project to create a DLL file that can be shared. If the custom web server control is only meant for the current website, you can add the custom web server control s class file to the website (or create a user control instead).
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-26
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SET XACT_ABORT ON; -- run code in listing 10-3 SET XACT_ABORT OFF;
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Error Code Error Message 12 This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. (Code 12) This device cannot work properly until you restart your computer. (Code 14) Windows cannot identify all the resources this device uses. (Code 16) Reinstall the drivers for this device. (Code 18) Your registry might be corrupted. (Code 19)
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Getting Started with PayPal
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configuring adfs 2.0 for web services
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you specify the target column name to hold the source column names (orderyear). Finally, in the parentheses of the IN clause, you specify the source column names that you want to unpivot ([2006],[2007],[2008]).
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FIGURE 8-14 Activities views on an account record code 128 barcode
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Monitoring Performance in Real Time
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Part III:
Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\ Local Options\Users Rights Assignment\Bypass Traverse Checking
684 ChAPTER 11
Note The add and remove methods use a well-known pattern to update a value in a thread-safe
Comparing Area Measurements between GEOMETRY and GEOMETRY Instances
SELECT orderid, custid, empid, orderdate FROM dbo.Orders AS O1 WHERE orderid = (SELECT MAX(orderid) FROM dbo.Orders AS O2 WHERE O2.orderdate = O1.orderdate);
Using an Existing Certi cate
Source IP address of the VPN server s Internet interface, subnet mask of
Cache contains the following 4 item(s): Item key 'ItemOne' (System.String) = A cached item that never expires Item with key 'ItemTwo' has been invalidated. Item key 'ItemThree' (System.String) = Another cached item Item key 'ItemFour' (System.String) = And yet another cached item. Waiting for the dependent item to be scavenged from the cache... Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Cache contains the following 3 item(s): Item key 'ItemOne' (System.String) = A cached item that never expires Item key 'ItemThree' (System.String) = Another cached item Item key 'ItemFour' (System.String) = And yet another cached item.
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