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30. Programming Tools
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Enable Advanced Printing Features Enables meta le spooling and printer options
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Tip The use of the asterisk (*) here is perfectly safe, even though in general it s not a good
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TCP/IP Route (Route .exe) TCP/IP Traceroute (Tracert .exe)
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Option Set Mapping When you re importing data into option sets (formerly known as picklists), you might need to further adjust your data map because the source values need to match the option set values in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If the Import Data Wizard finds option set values that don t exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it assumes you want to automatically create new option set values to match the source file. Table 4-1 shows an example of importing option set data into the Category field on the Account entity with a source data file that contains account category values that do not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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This command line uses the output of Help as the input for More. The More command filters out the first screenful of Help output, sends it to the screen as its own output, and then waits for a keypress before sending more filtered output. The Command Combination Symbols Windows Vista allows you to enter multiple commands on a single command line. Furthermore, you can make later commands depend on the results of earlier commands. This feature can be particularly useful in batch programs and Doskey macros, but you might also find it convenient at the command prompt. To simply combine commands without regard to their results, use the & symbol:
object being constructed . The reason is if the virtual method is overridden in the type being instantiated, the derived type s implementation of the overridden method will execute, but all of the fields in the hierarchy have not been fully initialized . Calling a virtual method would therefore result in unpredictable behavior .
Run These Programs At User Logon Do Not Process The Run Once List Do Not Process The Legacy Run List
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