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A derived table is a table expressionthat is, a virtual result table derived from a query expression. A derived table appears in the FROM clause of a query like any other table. The scope of existence of a derived table is the outer query's scope only. The general form in which a derived table is used is as follows: FROM (derived_table_query expression) AS derived_table_alias
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Next, let s look at how to create a new dashboard. After we finish, you can apply the same ideas to edit an existing dashboard. Note Users can also create their own dashboards directly from the Dashboard ribbon, assuming
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public const Color Blue = (Color) 2; public const Color Orange = (Color) 3; }
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Figure 11-13 Other services and features are in the Administration and Other Options page in SCW.
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Also add a HyperLink control to the page and name it hyperLink1.
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Keep in mind that I demonstrated the older proprietary syntax just to make you aware of its issues. It is of course strongly recommended that you refrain from using it and revise all code that does use it to the ANSI syntax. In short, don't try this at home!
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/tmp/myfile1842.0 Unlike creating and managing your own temporary files, tempfile automatically deletes the files it creates after they have been used. This is an important consideration when choosing between the two techniques. (There s more information about temporary files and the tempfile library in 17.)
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When the Finalize method is called, it resurrects the object by making a root refer to the object. The Finalize method then calls ReRegisterForFinalize, which appends the address of the specified object (this) to the end of the finalization list. When the garbage collector detects that this object is unreachable (sometime in the future), it will move the object s pointer to the freachable queue and the Finalize method will get called again. This example shows how to create an object that constantly resurrects itself and never dies but you don t usually want objects to do this. It s far more common to conditionally set a root to reference the object inside the Finalize method. Note Make sure that you call ReRegisterForFinalize no more than once per resurrection or the object will have its Finalize method called multiple times. The reason is that each call to ReRegisterForFinalize appends a new entry to the end of the finalization list. When an object is determined to be garbage, all these entries move from the finalization list to the freachable queue, calling the object s Finalize method multiple times.
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Using generic types with methods that take out and ref parameters can be particularly interesting because the variable you pass as an out/ref argument must be the same type as the method s parameter to avoid a potential type safety exploit . This issue related to out/ref parameters is discussed toward the end of the Passing Parameters by Reference to a Method section in 9, Parameters . In fact, the Interlocked class s Exchange and CompareExchange methods offer generic overloads for precisely this reason1:
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Now is a good time to walk through the code that saves the survey responses in more detail. As you go through this section, you may want to download the Visual Studio solution for the Tailspin Surveys application from Saving the Survey Response Data to a Temporary Blob The following code from the SurveysController class in the TailSpin. Web.Survey.Public project shows how the application initiates saving the survey response asynchronously.
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Bentley, Jon. A Small Matter of Programming in Programming Pearls, 2d. Ed. Boston, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 2000. This essay includes several good examples of test scaffolding. Mackinnon, Tim, Steve Freeman, and Philip Craig. Endo-Testing: Unit Testing with Mock Objects, eXtreme Programming and Flexible Processes Software Engineering - XP2000 Conference, 2000. This is the original paper to discuss the use of mock objects to support developer testing. Thomas, Dave and Andy Hunt. Mock Objects, IEEE Software, May/June 2002. This is a highly readable introduction to using mock objects to support developer testing.
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Figure 7-4: The Load method is not thread-safe, and its state can be overwritten and spoiled by concurrent calls. The Transform method, on the other hand, reads the shared state and can run concurrently from multiple threads. When the Load method is called, the style sheet is compiled and its contents are used to set the internal state of the object. For performance reasons, this code is not grouped into a critical section, which would serialize the threads' access to the internal state. After loading the style sheet, the XSLT processor needs to modify its state to reflect the loaded document. The operation does not occur atomically within the virtual boundaries created by a lock statement. As a result, concurrently running threads could in theory access the same instance of the processor and break the data consistency. The load operation is thread-sensitive because it alters the global state of the object. The transform operation, on the other hand, is inherently thread-safe because it performs read-only access to the processor's state. Nothing bad can happen if concurrent threads apply transformations using the same processor.
Controlling Access to Files and Folders
FIGURE 5-18 Objects And Timeline view showing a new timeline.
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Dynamic routing using routing protocols Static routing using manually-configured static routes
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