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Lesson 3: Configuring DHCP Servers to Perform DNS Updates. . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-41
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Figure 9-26 Four different sort sequences of this chart can be called at the click of a mouse .
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As a compiler compiles your source code, everything that your code defines causes an entry to be created in one of the tables described in Table 2 1. As the compiler compiles the source code, it also detects the types, fields, methods, properties, and events that the source code references. The metadata includes a set of reference tables that keep a record of this stuff. Table 2 2 shows some of the more common reference metadata tables. Table 2 2: Common Reference Metadata Tables Metadata Reference Table Name Description AssemblyRef Contains one entry for each assembly referenced by the module. Each entry includes the information necessary to bind to the assembly: the assembly s name (without path and extension), version number, culture, and public key token (normally a small hash value, generated from the publisher s public key, identifying the referenced assembly s publisher). Each entry also contains some flags and a hash value. This hash value was intended to be a checksum of the referenced assembly s bits. The CLR completely ignores this hash value and will probably continue to do so in the future. ModuleRef Contains one entry for each PE module that implements types referenced by this module. Each entry includes the module s filename and extension (without path). This table is used to bind to types that are implemented in different modules of the calling assembly s module. TypeRef 43
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Part I Overview and Configuration
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Aggregating and Pivoting Data
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Practice 1 Update the web application you created in Lesson 1 to also display French and German languages.
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The query invokes a CASE expression for every customer from the Customers table (C1) . The CASE expression invokes the COALESCE function for customers who placed orders, and returns NULL for customers who placed no orders . If the customer placed orders, COALESCE will substitute a NULL returned by the input expression with the current custid . The input expression will return the result of the following:
Caution The code is most likely to be compatible with newer versions of the mentioned software, but it
Logically, you should assume that the whole operation takes place at once. It is as if the table is not modi ed until the whole operation nishes and then the result replaces the source. For similar reasons, the following UPDATE would update all of T1 s rows, adding to c1 the maximum c1 value from T1 when the update started:
CS1109: Extension method must be defined in a top-level static class; StringBuilderExtensions is a nested class."
Configure the connection connected to the site with a manual TCP/IP configuration consisting of an IP address, a subnet mask, site DNS servers, and site WINS servers. If you configure a default route on the site connection, it will create a conflicting default route entry in the routing table and routing to the Internet might not function properly.
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