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Insert Quick Response Code in .NET Part IV

The Export to Spreadsheet link in the Datasheet view task pane creates a query and automatically opens the query in Excel to export the data. Exporting from a standard view provides an additional useful option. Instead of choosing Open in the File Download dialog box, you can save the query definition as a separate file. The query file can be used in Excel, Microsoft Query Editor, Access, or any other application that can process a query (IQY) file. If you have a SharePoint list that you want to use in more than one Excel worksheet, it s more efficient to save the query file separately. Click the Save button in the File Download dialog box to save the query file. If you ll be the only person using the query, save it in the My Documents\My Data Sources folder on your computer, the default location for queries. (If other people will use the query, save it in a network shared folder. Choose a file name that accurately describes the data source rather than the name of the SharePoint site, which might have more than one list you ll want to query.) After you ve saved the query, follow these steps to use the query to create an offline copy of the SharePoint list data in Excel:
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The Premise
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1 . What can you do to make a webpage more useful to users who use special
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Drawing Objects and Drawing Tools
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DHCP
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Risk Considerations
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Figure 9-1. Dynamic routing operations
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Suppressing Confirmation Prompts
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Note I d like to thank Stuart Ozer, who authored the function, for allowing me to cover it in this
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EXEC InsideTSQL2008.dbo.sp_pivot @query = N'Sales.Orders', @on_rows = N'1 AS dummy_col ) DummyTable; PRINT ''SQL injection... This could have been a DROP TABLE or xp_cmdshell command!''; SELECT * FROM (SELECT empid', @on_cols = N'MONTH(orderdate)', @agg_func = N'COUNT', @agg_col = N'*';
A router is blocking the Boot Protocol (BOOTP).
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