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i-i-a-e Nearly all libraries are more complex than this simple example, but nonetheless, this is a basic demonstration of how a library works. Next we re going to look at the libraries that come standard with Ruby, and look at a way to download and use libraries that other developers have made available on the Internet.
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The second form accepts a System.Reflection.BindingFlags value, which specifies attributes that the member must possess in order to be included in the search results. The BindingFlags enumeration is annotated with the FlagsAttribute attribute, so the values can be combined using bitwise operations. The most commonly used values from the BindingFlags enumeration are
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As a network administrator, you will be working with TCP/IP every day. Among your responsibilities will be, no doubt, assigning configurations to TCP/IP hosts on the one hand and then troubleshooting configuration errors on the other. To even begin to fulfill this duty, you will need a thorough understanding of the concepts behind IP addressing. This chapter will explain these concepts and enable you to diagnose problems related to the incorrect configuration of IP subnets, default gateways, subnet masks, or addresses. It will also enable you to verify an address space configuration by teaching you how to determine the number bits to reserve for a subnet ID and host ID. Finally, this chapter will teach you how and when to implement manual, automatic, and alternate IP configurations in your network. Lessons in this :
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can edit any recorded TV show, as long as it s not copy-protected.) We provide detailed instructions on how to save movies in a wide variety of formats, from small files suitable for sharing via e-mail or posting on websites to high-quality productions that look great on a big screen. And to bring the process full circle, we show you how to use the new Windows DVD Maker to turn the movies you create into DVDs that will play back on any consumer DVD player.
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9 Parameters
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The final result is shown in Figure 6-5.
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Note The CLR verifies that an index into an array is valid . In other words, you can t create an
c = Benchmark.measure do iterations.times do |i| x = i end end puts b puts c In this example, you benchmark two different ways of counting from one to one million. The results might look like this: 0.800000 0.890000 0.010000 0.010000 0.810000 ( 0.900000 ( 0.949338) 1.033589)
direct email feature. If your email message includes multiple recipients, Microsoft Dynamics CRM prompts you to select one recipient as the E-mail template target when you insert a template into the message. Caution Each time you insert an E-mail template into the body of an email message, Microsoft
DHCP: Client Identifier = (Type: 1) 08 00 2b 2e d8 5e
Select the connection and click Change Settings Of This Connection. Right-click the connection icon and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. Double-click the connection icon to open the Status dialog box and then click the Properties button on the General tab.
Assembly File Version
*These are the items we use regularly and that we think are worth learning. Also, .MSC is part of the environment variable PATHEXT, allowing you to skip typing the .msc part of the program name when you want to open one of the management consoles.
Implicit SQL*Plus User-Defined Variables
Team Build Permissions
Appendix E
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