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Modify your intranet infrastructure to accommodate routing and quarantine. Deploy your VPN clients.
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Using Caching to Improve Performance and Scalability One feature of ASP.NET that can improve the performance and scalability of applications displaying dynamic data is output caching. Say that you add the following line to an aspx page: <%@ OutputCache Duration="20" VaryByParam="None" %> When the page is requested, rather than actually running the underlying code, the page is served up directly from the ASP.NET cache. For pages that are expensive to generate but that don t change frequently, output caching can provide a huge performance benefit. In the example OutputCache directive above, when the page is requested for the first time, the .NET Framework will run whatever code is required to generate the page. Anyone rerunning the page within the next 20 seconds (as specified by the Duration attribute) will get the cached copy rather than a copy created by rerunning the underlying code. The first client to request the page after the 20 seconds have expired will get a newly created copy of the page. Often, a page will be called with one or more parameters, and the parameters might change the content that is displayed. For that common scenario, the VaryByParam attribute allows you to specify a semicolon-delimited list of parameters, or * for all
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IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.GetSequence') IS NOT NULL DROP PROC dbo.GetSequence; GO CREATE PROC dbo.GetSequence @val AS INT OUTPUT AS
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With MySQL configured and Joomla uploaded to your web host, you re ready to begin the Joomla Installation Wizard. Open a browser window and enter the URL address of the location of the Joomla files. For example, on a site called example, you might access the Joomla Installation Wizard with the following URL: The Joomla wizard will load and display the first screen, which presents the language options for the site (see Figure 2-14).
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Figure 4-15: A sample application to test the class's ability to add and delete nodes. Note The entire sample code illustrating the XmlTextReadWriter class and its way of working is available in this book's sample files. The all-encompassing Microsoft Visual Studio .NET solution is named XmlReadWriter.
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static void Int32 x Object o Int16 y } Main() { = 5; = x; // Box x; o refers to the boxed object = (Int16) o; // Throws an InvalidCastException
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You can use the drop-down list to select the video and/or audio codec that you want to use, set a delivery method and DRM state, and then load the selected material. You ll also see the address of the specified material listed at the bottom of the page so that you know the URI of the content of this site and can build your own media clients against it. Accessing this content from Silverlight is very straightforward you simply specify the location of the content that you want to play back in the Source element of the MediaElement, as you saw earlier, or set the Source using a URI object in code. Here s an example of how to do it in C#. First, define your MediaElement control in XAML:
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Before TRY/CATCH block. Entering TRY block. Entering CATCH block. Handling PK violation... Error Number : 2627 Error Message : Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_Employees'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.Employees'. Error Severity: 14 Error State : 1 Error Line : 7 Error Proc : Not within proc Exiting CATCH block. After TRY/CATCH block.
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Team Build Service
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Boxing and Unboxing Value Types
When you decide that enabling the Administrator account wasn t such a good idea after all, use the same Net User command to disable it, except replace yes with no.
Make a few more posts to the page (for example, add some items from the inventory to the selected items grid) . Then, go back and look at the tracing information for the subsequent postbacks . Figure 15-2 shows some examples of trace statements . Fetching from the Cache is dramatically faster than hitting the database by several orders of magnitude! Again, you might not notice the difference with just one client surfing the page every once in a while . However, when multiple clients are surfing to the same page simultaneously, they ll get their responses much more quickly than if the page had to make a round-trip to the database .
Collaborative construction refers to pair programming, formal inspections, informal technical reviews, and document reading, as well as other techniques in which developers share responsibility for creating code and other workproducts. At my company, the term collaborative construction was coined by Matt Peloquin about 2000. The term appears to have been coined independently at other companies in the same timeframe. All collaborative construction techniques, despite their differences, are based on the idea that developers are blind to some of the trouble spots in their work, that other people don t have the same blind spots, and that it s beneficial to have someone else look at their work.
In the last five years there has been a rebirth in the area of testing. Development teams have learned that they can no longer rely on just a QA team to test an application. Testing is everybody s job. We also have learned that leaving the testing of an application for the end of the project is a bad idea. Why One reason has to do with the question of what to test. Incrementally creating tests as the code is being built (or as the driving force behind what to build) results in better test coverage, but more importantly, incremental test creation shapes the software being built by validating, repudiating, or simply questioning the assumptions made during design and development. Incremental testing leads not only to better software but also to better productivity when combined with the practice of continuous integration, which automates the testing to discover almost immediately any unwanted side effect introduced by changes in a project s code base. So instead of dealing with a convoluted set of problems which have accumulated over time and which might have effects that are now intertwined, your team instead deals with the (hopefully localized) effects of fine-grained changes. This of course makes sense to most of us, but we do not always do the things that make sense in software development. When pressure to finish a project increases, the first thing that tends to go is testing. Why Because sometimes testing can be tedious. Therefore we need to make testing not a side effect of development but a primary force behind it by first making it pervasive throughout the development process and by making it the path of least resistance. To date, many applications, tools, and frameworks have been developed to standardize, automate, and simplify the processes of unit and functional testing. Regardless of what tool you use, I have found that the simple practices shown in the next section can place software testing in a place of paramount importance, where it should be. Your software will do more accurately what it was meant to do.
User OU Group Policy Object
Creating a Composite Command
Creating a Static Query
11 Media in Silverlight: Rich Imaging
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