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12: The .NET Remoting System
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Measuring Stability with the Reliability Monitor
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FIguRE 26-1 The CLR's thread pool
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<configuration> <system.web> <customErrors defaultRedirect="SiteErrorPage.aspx" mode="RemoteOnly"> <error statusCode="403" redirect="RestrictedAccess.aspx" /> </customErrors> <system.web> </configuration>
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New Features in MSBuild 3.5
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For example, here s how to access the first datum in a QStringListModel:
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Comment Moves the cursor to the attribute of the current element node that has the specified name. Moves the cursor to the first attribute of the current element node. Moves the cursor to the next attribute of the containing element. If not positioned on an attribute node, the cursor will not move.
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Listing 1-1. Logical query processing step numbers
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Advanced MSBuild Topics
In Windows 2000 mixed-mode domains, the Allow Access setting does not override the access permission set in the remote access policy. In other server environments, the Allow Access set ting does override the access permission configured in the remote access policy.
FIGURE .22-1 . The relationship between the model, the view, and the controller .
Designing Your Application
public static void Main() { // Now make 100 client requests against the server for (Int32 n = 0; n < 100; n++) new PipeClient("localhost", "Request #" + n); // Since all the requests are issued asynchronously, the constructors are likely // to return before all the requests are complete. The call below stops the // application from terminating until we see all the responses displayed. Console.ReadLine(); }
Use the Search box to narrow down the selection even further. Although the Search interface in Photo Gallery doesn t offer the same range of options as the Advanced Search tools in Windows Explorer, it s fast and ridiculously easy to use. Here are some things you should know about Photo Gallery s Search capability:
Adding Steps to a Wizard
LISTING .3-7 . HTML resulting from running Default .aspx
An exception is an event that occurs when an error arises within a program. An exception can cause the program to quit immediately with an error message, or can be handled by errorhandling routines within the program to recover from the error in a sensible way. For example, a program might depend on a network connection (the Internet, for example), and if the network connection is unavailable, an error will arise when the program attempts to use the network. Rather than brusquely terminating with an obscure error message, the code can handle the exception and print a human-friendly error message to the screen first. Alternatively, the program might have a mechanism by which it can work offline, and you can use the exception raised by trying to access an inaccessible network or server to enter that mode of operation instead.
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