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Implement QR in .NET Part IV

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The Re exive, Symmetric, and Transitive Properties
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Running Internet Information Services
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#define DECLARE_MEMDEBUG(classname) #define IMPLEMENT_MEMDEBUG(classname) #define MEMDEBUG_NEW new #endif // __cplusplus
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Readers and XML Readers
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color: #ff0000; font-family: verdana, arial, tahoma; font-size: 12px; font-weight: bold; } .menu_text { color: #000000; font-family: verdana, arial, tahoma; font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold; } .menu_text a { color: #0000ff; text-decoration: underline; } table { border-collapse: collapse; table-layout: auto; width: 100%; } th { background: #00008b; color: #ffffff; font-family: verdana, arial, tahoma; font-size: 12px; font-weight: bold; margin: 1px; padding: 3px; text-align: left; } td { background: #e6e6e6; border-bottom: solid 1px #000000; font-family: verdana, arial, tahoma; font-size: 11px; margin: 1px; padding: 3px; } select { font-family: tahoma, verdana, arial; font-size: 11px; }
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When you call InvokeMember, it looks at the type s members for a match. If no match is found, a System.MissingMethodExcpetion exception is thrown. If a match is found, InvokeMember calls the method. Whatever the method returns is what InvokeMember returns back to you. If the method has a return type of void, InvokeMember returns null. If the method you call throws an exception, InvokeMember catches the exception and throws a new System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException exception. The TargetInvocationException object s InnerException property will contain the actual exception that the invoked method threw. Personally, I don t like this behavior. I d prefer it if InvokeMember didn t wrap the exception and just allowed it to come through. Internally, InvokeMember performs two operations. First, it must select the appropriate member to be called this is known as binding. Second, it must actually invoke the member this is known as invoking. When you call InvokeMember, you pass a string as the name parameter, indicating the name of the member you want InvokeMember to bind to. However, the type might offer several members with a particular name. After all, there might be several overloaded versions of a method, or a method and a field might have the same name. Of course, InvokeMember must bind to a single member before it can invoke it. All the parameters passed to InvokeMember (except for the target parameter) are used to help InvokeMember decide which member to bind to. Let s take a closer look at these parameters. The binder parameter identifies an object whose type is derived from the abstract System.Reflection.Binder type. A Binder derived type is a type that encapsulates the rules for how InvokeMember should select a single member. The Binder base type defines abstract virtual methods such as BindToField, BindToMethod, ChangeType, ReorderArgumentArray, SelectMethod, and SelectProperty. Internally, InvokeMember calls these methods using the Binder object passed via InvokeMember s binder parameter. Microsoft has defined an internal (undocumented) concrete type, called DefaultBinder, which is derived from Binder. This DefaultBinder type ships with the FCL, and Microsoft expects that almost everyone will use this binder. When you pass null to InvokeMember s binder parameter, it will use the DefaultBinder. Type offers a public read only property, DefaultBinder, that you can query to obtain a reference to a DefaultBinder object should you want one for some reason. If you re concerned about DefaultBinder s rules, you must define your own Binder derived type and pass an instance of this type via InvokeMember s binder parameter. Sample source code for a simple Binder derived type can be obtained by downloading the code associated with this book from http://www.Wintellect.com/. When a binder object has its methods called, the methods will be passed parameters to help the binder make a decision. Certainly, the binder is passed the name of the member that is being looked for. In addition, the binder s methods are passed the specified BindingFlags as well as the types of all the parameters that need to be passed to the member being invoked. Earlier in this chapter, I showed a table (Table 20 2) that described the following BindingFlags: Default, IgnoreCase, DeclaredOnly, Instance, Static, Public, NonPublic, and 419
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Although a default Windows Server 2003 installation does not include routing capabil ities, the Windows Setup Wizard for Windows Server 2003 does install the Routing And Remote Access service in a disabled state. By using the Routing And Remote Access console, you can enable this service and configure many routing-type features, such as remote access, LAN routing, and NAT.
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Team Foundation Build
Run the procedure with selective and nonselective values:
Controlling Access to Files and Folders
Add-Ins Category
internal enum CoordinationStatus { AllDone, Timeout, Cancel };
Once you ve incorporated interactive features into the site, you ve created a vehicle for promotion. Most web sites lack community features either because the web provider does not offer them or (more likely) the webmaster doesn t know how they might be implemented. One excellent method of mutually beneficial cross-promotion is to offer the features your Joomla site affords to another web site. For example, if your Joomla site focuses on camping, offer a private forum to a local outdoors group. If your site sells archery supplies, let people from the local archery club post reviews of the various target ranges around the nation. If your site focuses on local environmental issues, offer to host a local conservation group s poll on what people see as the barriers to recycling. Literally hundreds of special interest groups would love to have an online venue for their area. They don t even need to be an organized group, thanks to modern search engine technology. For example, I enjoy going to library used book sales. Such sales are very poorly advertised, and there is no central list that identifies them in the Los Angeles area. One day in the future, I would like to create a Joomla event calendar where people could post such information. When I attend a sale, I often see about 10 percent of the same people at each event. That s easily a big enough group that if a half dozen people kept the calendar updated, hundreds of other people interested in these events would be attracted to that Joomla site.
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