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The .NET Framework doesn't provide equivalent functionality for this package.
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Most Unix-based systems still use this exact form of password storage, with two slight modifications. First, the password file, typically stored in /etc/passwd, now contains no password hashes but just user names and IDs. The actual hashes are stored in the shadow password file for example, in /etc/passwd.shadow. While the password file itself is world-readable, the shadow file is readable only by superusers. Second, because password hashes were originally world-readable in the /etc/passwd file, they had to be protected against comparison attacks. Imagine a situation in which you and I both have user accounts on the same computer. My password is "pas$word!" and, by sheer coincidence, you choose the same password. With a straight hash, we would both have the same password hash stored in the /etc/passwd file. I could search the file for my hash, and then search for any other accounts with the same hash. If I found any, I would know that they had the same password I had. This is an unacceptable situation. The solution is to add a randomly generated salt to the password before hashing it. A salt is simply a random value that is added to the password before hashing it. The salt is stored in clear-text in the password database. This way, even if two passwords are identical, they will have different salts and therefore different hashes. The process is shown in Figure 2-1.
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account name, including Local Service, Network Service, or another valid service name. The service log-on account must exist in the local SAM database or in Active Directory. If the service account has not been previously assigned the Log-on As A Service right, it will be given it when confirming the selection during configuration. The service account s valid password must be entered here, although if the account is Local System, Local Service, or Network Service it should not have a password entered. Passwords placed here are stored in the registry for future use by the SCM. Note: There is no check here to make sure the password entered in the Log On tab is the correct password. As long as the password is typed in identically twice, the SCM will accept and store it, although the service will fail to start when requested if the password is incorrect. You can also enable the Allow Service To Interact With Desktop option. Some services require this option to work and interact with the user. Desktop interaction is required by the Print Spooler and Interactive Services Detection services. In most cases this option should not be enabled; if enabled, it could present an additional security risk to the interactive end user, the desktop, the service, or the computer. For example, if a service is allowed to interact with the user s desktop, it is easier for the service to be maliciously manipulated by the end user or by malware acting in the end user s security context. The exploited service could more easily infect other users and desktops on the same computer. Restricting services from interacting with user desktops is a recent feature, and many older services are still not fully compliant. You can also enable or disable a service in any existing hardware profiles. This option is most commonly used for docked versus undocked states on laptops. Services that are not needed in a particular hardware profile should be disabled to provide a reduced attack surface area for malicious hackers. (This could also improve performance and save energy, which I am sure was Microsoft s primary intent.)
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Kernel-Mode Debuggers Kernel-mode debuggers sit between the CPU and the operating system. That means that when you stop in a kernel-mode debugger, the operating system also stops completely. As you can imagine, bringing the operating system to an abrupt halt is helpful when you're working on timing and synchronization problems. There are three kernel-mode debuggers: the kernel debugger (KD), WinDBG, and SoftICE. I'll briefly describe each of these debuggers in the following sections. Kernel Debugger (KD) Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 are interesting in that the actual kernel-mode debugger portion is part of NTOSKRNL.EXE, the main kernel file of the operating system. This debugger is available in both the free (release) and checked (debug) builds of the operating system. To turn on kernel-mode debugging for x86-based systems, set the /DEBUG boot option in BOOT.INI and, additionally, the /DEBUGPORT boot option when you need to set the communications port for the kernel-mode debugger to a port other than the default (COM1). KD runs on its own machine, called the host, and communicates with the target machine either through a null modem cable or, optionally, a 1394 (FireWire) cable on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. The NTOSKRNL.EXE kernel-mode debugger does just enough to control the CPU so that the operating system can be debugged. The bulk of the debugging work handling symbols, advanced breakpoints, and disassembly happens on the KD side. At one time, the Microsoft Windows NT 4 Device Driver Kit (DDK) documented the protocol used across the null modem cable. However, Microsoft no longer documents this protocol. KD is included in the Debugging Tools for Windows, which is downloadable from http://www.microsoft.com/ddk/debugging. (The current version at the time I wrote this book is also available with this book's sample files.) The power of KD is apparent when you see all the commands it offers for accessing the internal operating system state. If you've ever wanted to see what happens in the operating system, these commands will show you. Having a working knowledge of how Windows device drivers operate will help you follow much of the command's output. Interestingly enough, for all its power, KD is almost never used outside of Microsoft because it's a console application, which makes it tedious to use with source-level debugging. However, for the operating system teams at Microsoft, it's the kernel debugger of choice. WinDBG WinDBG is included in the Debugging Tools for Windows. It's a hybrid debugger in that it can be a kernel-mode debugger as well as a user-mode debugger and, with a bit of work, WinDBG lets you debug both kernel-mode and user-mode programs at the same time. For kernel-mode debugging, WinDBG offers all the same power of KD because it shares the same debugging engine as KD. However, WinDBG offers a GUI front end that isn't nearly as easy to use as the Visual Studio .NET debugger, although it is easier to use than KD. With WinDBG, you can debug your device drivers nearly as easily as you would your usermode applications.
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SharePoint has three basic user roles for a site: visitor, member, and owner. In SBS 2008, three security groups correspond to these roles: Windows SBS SharePoint_VisitorsGroup, Windows SBS SharePoint_MembersGroup, and Windows SBS SharePoint_OwnersGroup. For the default Companyweb site, the CompanyWeb Visitor group has only the Windows SBS SharePoint_VisitorsGroup as a member. This group can read but can t edit the site or its contents, nor can they add discussion items. By default, no SBS Users are in Windows SBS SharePoint_VisitorsGroup, though you can move users into it. For the default Companyweb site, the CompanyWeb Member group has only the Windows SBS SharePoint_MembersGroup as a member. This group can read, write, and contribute to the Companyweb site, including posting to discussions and customizing the site. By default, all user accounts with Standard User role and Standard User with Administrative Links role are part of this group. For the default Companyweb site, the CompanyWeb Owner group has only the Windows SBS SharePoint_OwnersGroup as a member. This group has full administrative rights on the Companyweb site and can create new workspaces, change user and site permissions, and create new user roles and permissions. By default, all Network Administrators are part of this group. The CompanyWeb Member group is a powerful group that has the ability to change the look and feel of your Companyweb site; can add or delete sections, documents, or articles; and generally has very nearly the full power of the Owner, with the sole exception of not being able to control the permissions of other users. As shown in Figure 22-2, there is a lesser level of permissions called Contribute, which still allows users to view, add, and update content, but doesn t give them full design capabilities. We think this is a more appropriate role
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Now let s perform some tests . The following two statements try to insert rows where the during interval overlaps or meets an existing interval for the same supplier:
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Unauthenticated access
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Organizing and Categorizing Your Digital Pictures
Consult the .NET documentation for complete details of all the properties that can be configured using the ProcessStartInfo class.
10 + 20 + 30
You were previously shown a chart in which the primary vertical axis was not in its default position that is, the left border of the plot area but within the plot area with some columns on the left side of the axis and some on the right side of the axis (see Figure 8-9) . For this purpose, you can use the Vertical axis crosses/At category number option in the Axis Options of the primary horizontal axis and enter the number of the appropriate category . An equivalent the user-defined positioning of the primary horizontal axis will be outlined in the Lines 3 worksheet and with reference to Figure 8-24 . Note It is quite logical but also a little bit confusing for the formatting of a chart that the positioning of the vertical axis is an option of the horizontal axis and the positioning of the horizontal axis an option of the vertical axis .
SELECT DISTINCT C.CompanyName AS customer, S.CompanyName AS supplier FROM dbo.Customers AS C LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Orders AS O ON O.CustomerID = C.CustomerID LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.[Order Details] AS OD ON OD.OrderID = O.OrderID LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Products AS P ON P.ProductID = OD.ProductID LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Suppliers AS S ON S.SupplierID = P.SupplierID;
3. Select the query and click Open. 4. In the Import Data dialog box, choose a location for the query results: a new worksheet or a single cell in an existing worksheet (see Figure 3-4).
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