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Create QRCode in .NET Part IV

15. Remoting
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Query Tuning
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The next step in our tuning process is to drill down to the database/file level. You want to isolate the databases that involve most of the cost. Within the database, you want to drill down to the file type (data/log), as the course of action you take depends on the file type. The tool that allows you to analyze I/O information at the database/file level is a dynamic management function (DMF) called sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats. The function accepts a database ID and file ID as inputs, and returns I/O information about the input database file. You specify NULLs in both to request information about all databases and all files. Note that in SQL Server 2000 you query a function called ::fn_virtualfilestats, providing it 1 in both parameters to get information about all databases.
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Implementing the WCF Service
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SELECT * FROM HR.Employees;
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public CoolDownButtonControl() { DefaultStyleKey = typeof(CoolDownButtonControl); } 8. The final step in creating the control is to define a control contract that describes your control. This is required in order for your control to be modified by tools such as Expression Blend. This contract consists of a number of attributes that are placed directly in the control class, as follows. These attributes are used only by tools; they are not used by the runtime.
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The compiler is alerting you to the fact that both Phone and BetterPhone offer an EstablishConnection method and that the semantics of both might not be identical; simply recompiling BetterPhone can no longer give the same behavior as it did when using the first version of the Phone type . If CompanyB decides that the EstablishConnection methods are not semantically identical in both types, CompanyB can tell the compiler that the Dial and EstablishConnection method defined in BetterPhone is the correct method to use and that it has no relationship with the EstablishConnection method defined in the Phone base type . CompanyB informs the compiler of this by adding the new keyword to the EstablishConnection method:
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IsBadWritePtr IsWindow
Limitations of Developer Testing
public class Person { private int thePersonsAge; public void setAge(int p_age) { // Do some validation thePersonsAge = p_age; } public int getAge() { return thePersonsAge; } }
All columns must have names. The column names must be unique. ORDER BY is not allowed (unless TOP is also speci ed).
ThE sEssiOn_EnD EvEnT
As you might have guessed, the UpdatePanel control relies heavily on these events. You can also use these events to cancel asynchronous postbacks, provide custom information or animation to the user when these events are fired, or simply run your code at specific times within the request.
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