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Adventure Works Cycle
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Specifying Dependencies in XAML The following XAML shows where Module F depends on Module E.
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ChaPtER 1 ChaPtER 2 ChaPtER 3 ChaPtER 4 ChaPtER 5
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Your analyzer has a few basic functions, but it s not particularly interesting. Line, paragraph, and word counts are useful statistics, but with the power of Ruby, you can extract significantly more interesting data from the text. The only limit is your imagination, but in this section, you ll look at a couple other features you can implement, and how to do so.
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Mimics using table elements in HTML to lay out controls.
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<asp:bulletedlist runat="server bulletstyle="Square"> <asp:listitem>One</asp:listitem> <asp:listitem>Two</asp:listitem> <asp:listitem>Three</asp:listitem> </asp:bulletedlist>
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speaking, query strings executed with sp_executesql were limited to the largest supported length of a Unicode character string (NVARCHAR), which was 4,000 characters . EXEC, on the other hand, supported a regular character (VARCHAR) input code string, allowing up to 8,000 characters . Furthermore, EXEC supports a special functionality that allows you to concatenate multiple variables within the parentheses, each up to the maximum supported size of 8,000 characters, like so:
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Viewing the ASP.NET assemblies
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Figure 11-19. Adding the ScaleTransform 7. Select the rectangle named rectSkew. In the Transform section of the Properties panel, select the Skew tab. Set the values of the X and Y properties to 20. This will cause the square to skew into a diamond shape, as shown in Figure 11-20.
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Windows Firewall With Advanced Security (Wf .msc)
for facilities, transportation, and more. However, it does not provide web application accessibility guidelines.
Controlling Access to Files and Folders
EXEC dbo.TestCaching;
Repeated operating system and boot failures can sometimes be resolved by reinstalling the operating system. Sometimes a boot failure can be caused by a hardware incompatibility. Search the Windows Knowledge Base ( for more information.
The maximum size of an IDE VHD in Hyper-V is 2 terabytes (2040 GB,
Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library
Two contracts for the same supplier should have no overlapping time intervals . Two contracts for the same supplier should have no abutting time intervals . No supplier can be under two distinct contracts at the same time point .
When the underlying Web server is IIS 6.0, things change quite a bit. Unless you opt to run the IIS Web service in IIS 5.x isolation mode, ASP.NET applications are hosted by the IIS standard worker process named w3wp.exe, into which the ASP.NET ISAPI extension is loaded to service the request. IIS 6.0 implements its HTTP listener as a kernel-level module. As a result, all incoming requests, including requests for ASP.NET pages, are first managed by that listener, which is implemented as a driver named http.sys running in kernel mode. The http.sys driver listens for requests and posts them to the request queue of the appropriate application pool. An application pool is a worker process and a virtual directory. A module called the Web Administration Service (WAS) reads from the IIS metabase and instructs the http.sys driver to create as many request queues as there are application pools registered in the metabase. Each application pool is managed by a distinct instance of the same worker process (w3wp.exe). As a result, you can have ASP and ASPX applications managed by the same worker process. Sound weird Well, it s really not. The worker process looks up the URL of the request and loads a specific ISAPI extension. For example, it loads aspnet_isapi.dll for ASP.NET-related requests. Under the IIS 6.0 process model, the aspnet_isapi extension is responsible for loading the CLR and starting the HTTP pipeline. All the settings in the <processModel> section of the machine.config file are ignored, and similar information is read from the IIS metabase instead. ASP.NET settings that do not relate to the process model continue to be read from the configuration file. The w3wp.exe worker process runs under a restricted account that is functionally similar to ASPNET but is named NetworkService. (It s a built-in service account of Windows Server 2003.) This description isn t specific to a particular version of ASP.NET. But in ASP.NET 2.0, the interaction between the Web server environment and the ASP.NET runtime environment has been refined by adding a couple of extra layers that abstract the overall design and make it general enough to also support non-HTTP protocols such as SOAP and SMTP. In particular, the SOAP protocol makes room for a parallel runtime aimed at handling the next generation of Web services code-named Indigo. In ASP.NET 1.1, Web services are treated as a special kind of Web request. The next generation of Web services will have its own set of runtime services hosted by the Web server at the same level of the ASP.NET engine.
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