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MSBuild Quick Start
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// Write the bytes to the temporary file. fs.Write(bytesToWrite, 0, bytesToWrite.Length); // Explicitly close the file when done writing to it. ((IDisposable) fs).Dispose(); // Delete the temporary file. File.Delete("Temp.dat"); // This always works now. } }
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Figure 5-33
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wait. Set the <div> tag s ID to match that of the UpdatePanel. Set the UpdatePanel control s Interval property to 5,000.
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
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As you know, metadata is a bunch of tables. When you build an assembly or a module, the compiler you re using creates a type definition table, a field definition table, a method definition table, and so on. The FCL s System.Reflection namespace contains several types that allow you to write code that reflects over (or parses) these metadata tables. In effect, the types in this namespace offer an object model over the metadata contained in an assembly or a module. Using these object model types, you can easily enumerate all the types in a type definition metadata table. Then for each type, you can obtain its base type, what interfaces it implements, and what flags are associated with the type. Additional types in the System.Reflection namespace allow you to query the type s fields, methods, properties, and events by parsing the corresponding metadata tables. You can also discover any custom attributes (covered in 16) that have been applied to any of the metadata entities. With this information, you could build a tool very similar to Microsoft s ILDasm.exe. Important The types in the System.Reflection namespace allow you to query definition metadata tables. No types are offered that allow you to query reference metadata tables. Nor do the reflection types offer the capability to read a method s IL code. The ILDasm.exe tool parses the file s bytes directly to obtain this information. Fortunately, the file format for managed modules and assemblies is public. In fact, this file format is being standardized by the ECMA technical committee. So if you re writing an application that wants to query reference metadata tables or get the IL bytes from a managed method, you ll have to write code that manually parses the file s format because reflection doesn t offer you this capability. In addition, some definition metadata information isn t obtainable via reflection. For example, there s no way to determine the default value for optional arguments (a feature offered in Visual Basic but not in C#). Microsoft will address these holes in the reflection types in future versions of the .NET Framework. Finally, you should be aware that some of the reflection types and some of the members defined by these types are designed specifically for use by developers who are producing compilers for the CLR. Application developers don t typically use these types and members. The .NET Framework documentation doesn t explicitly point out which of these types and members are for compiler developers rather than application developers, but if you realize that not all reflection types and their members are for everyone, the documentation can be less confusing. In reality, very few applications will have the need to use the reflection types. Reflection is typically used for class libraries that need to understand a type s definition in order to provide some rich functionality. For example, the FCL s serialization mechanism uses reflection to determine what fields a type defines. The serialization formatter can then obtain the values of these fields and write them into a byte stream for sending across the Internet. Similarly, Visual Studio s designers use reflection to determine which properties should be shown to developers when laying out controls on their Web Forms or Windows Forms at design time.
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Limited control of layout as wrapping is automatic when items reach maximum width or height.
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C h a P t e r 6 C La S S e S , O B Je C t S , a N D M O D U Le S data matrix generator
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VPN Troubleshooting
Control (postback) event(s) LoadComplete PreRender
If there are any optional tasks that you delayed because you weren t ready to complete them, now is the time to complete them. Select Do Not Finish The Migration Yet and then click Next to reset the Skipped ag and mark them Not Started, as shown in Figure 7-59.
Dim _text As String
Overview of the Solution
You ve played with dogs and numbers, but lines of text (strings) can be interesting to play with, too: puts "This is a test".length
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