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TCP/IP protocol suite
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weakly named, the identity is just the name of the assembly (no version, culture, or public key token information) . Internally, the CLR attempts to load this assembly by using the System.Reflection.Assembly class s static Load method . This method is publicly documented, and you can call it to explicitly load an assembly into your AppDomain . This method is the CLR equivalent of Win32 s LoadLibrary function . There are actually several overloaded versions of Assembly s Load method . Here are the prototypes of the more commonly used overloads:
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You will see all the modifications that occur within the database as separate events as they are written to the database. As my modification actually was seen as a two-step modification
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After adding the database connection data to config.php, you created the DatabaseHandler class. This class contains a number of wrapper methods that access PDO functions and provide the functionality needed for the rest of the business tier methods. The DatabaseHandler class has a private constructor, meaning that it can t be instantiated; you can t create DatabaseHandler objects, but you can execute the static methods for the class. Static class members and methods, as opposed to instance members and methods, are called directly using the class name, instead of an object of the class. For example, this is how you would call the instance method myMethod of a hypothetical class named MyClass: $myObject = new MyClass; $myObject->myMethod(); If myMethod was a static method, you would call it like this: MyClass::MyMethod();
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In most respects, entering commands or running programs at the Windows Vista command prompt is the same as using the command prompt of any other operating system MS-DOS, OS/2, Unix. If you ve used one command prompt, you ve used them all. Every operating system has a command to delete files, another to display lists of files, another to copy files, and so on. The names and details might differ, but it s the same cast of characters.
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You have defined a custom field template user control for changing the way an Invoice number is edited. You want to apply this control to the Invoice.Number property. Which data annotation attribute class would you use to do so
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Delete in Outlook Delete in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Delete in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Delete in Outlook
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The Rationale of Data Source Components
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In auxiliary row 3 and auxiliary column G, you ll see numbers in blue font, which indicate the distance of the column or row from the node . This information will be required when developing other formulas in other worksheets .
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Windows XP
Disadvantages of the Waterfall Method
As you probably realized from this chapter, TOP and APPLY are two features that in many ways complement each other. TOP with its new capabilities now allows expressions as input and is supported with modification statements. The new TOP functionality replaces the older SET ROWCOUNT option. The new APPLY operator allows for very simple and fast queries, compared to the previous alternatives, whenever you need to apply a table expression to each row of an outer query.
With production-size code, the Exit Sub approach creates a noticeable amount of code before the nominal case is handled. The Exit Sub approach does avoid the deep nesting of the first example, however, and, if the code in the first example were expanded to show setting an errorStatus variable, the Exit Sub approach would do a better job of keeping related statements together. When all the dust
#BEGIN PHP INSTALLER EDITS PHPIniDir "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\" LoadModule php5_module "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\ Apache2.2\php5apache2_2.dll" #END PHP INSTALLER EDITS
The Remote Debugging Monitor (msvsmon.exe) allows you to configure debugging on a remote server. After it is configured, you need to attach to your site s ASP.NET process from Visual Studio. You can set an option in Internet Explorer to allow you to debug client script from Visual Studio. This allows you to use the debugging features of Visual Studio with client-side JavaScript.
Part II
Basic Strategies for Improing Performance
You add Web Parts to a page by placing them in zones. Zones define areas on the page in which Web Parts can be placed by a user or added by a developer. A zone has a width, height, and placement on the page. You can add one, many, or no Web Parts to a single zone. Figure 5-11 shows the zones defined by the Web Part page shown in the previous two figures.
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