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With INDIRECT, you can use text in a cell outside any formula as a reference argument within this formula . Here, I use the INDIRECT function to establish dynamic references and to define variable reference arguments in formulas . The examples below provide additional information . In the syntax =INDIRECT(reference,a1), the optional argument A1 represents a logical value that specifies which type of reference is contained in the cell (TRUE for the A1 notation and FALSE for the Z1S1 notation) . Because the latter does not play any role in the models provided in this book (nor generally anywhere else), this argument can continue to be ignored (which is then interpreted by Excel as TRUE) . Important The INDIRECT function does not work if its reference argument references a cell in a closed file . Consequently, when you use this function you can work only with external cross-worksheet references if all of the files used are open at runtime .
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Page 267 As mentioned previously, slides can be displayed as a fixed size or they can be resizable. If the template has slides that are a fixed size, the size of the slides in your presentation will remain the same when the viewer resizes the browser window. However, slides that are resizable will scale to fill the available space when the browser window is resized. Step-by-Step: Customizing Slide Display The following procedure describes the step-by-step process for customizing how slides display in your presentation. The procedure shows the CSS code you can add to a standard template so slides are displayed. In a previous step-by-step procedure, a background image and header image were added to the template. However, the slides were positioned incorrectly over the header image. The goal for this step-by-step procedure is to change the slide position so the presentation displays correctly. 1. If the template you want to further customize has been added to the timeline in Producer, delete the template from the timeline, save your project, and close Microsoft Producer. 2. Using Notepad, open your custom presentation template file. If you want to follow the specific procedures in this section, open a copy of the template named customizedsampletemplate.css in the folder customizedsampletemplate. This is the template that displays video in a framed video display. 3. Change the #SlidesDiv selector to match following example. The values for the properties in the #SlidesDiv selector determine how slides display in your presentation. #SlidesDiv {POSITION: absolute; TOP: 69px; LEFT: 420px; HEIGHT: 315px; WIDTH: 420px; WMAlignProportional: 19; /* Do not edit. */ } The area that contains slides, defined by the #SlidesDiv selector, begins 69 pixels from the top. This number is based on the height and position of the header image inserted using the #Misc2Div selector. A few extra pixels are included so that empty space appears between the header image and the slides. This value is set so the top of the media player and the top of the slides area are aligned.
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public static void Main() { // Both of these lines display "0" Console.WriteLine(Add()); // passes new Int32[0] to Add Console.WriteLine(Add(null)); // passes null to Add: more efficient (no array allocated) }
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Excel is a useful management tool for SharePoint sites, both internal and external. The management of externally hosted SharePoint sites presents its own challenges. If you have a number of SharePoint sites that other users administer, it s easy to lose track of the number of users on each site. Administrators might forget to remove users when they no longer need access to the site. When a contractor or employee leaves and must be removed from the externally hosted sites, you must remove that person from each site, as well as from the site collection. You can use Excel s refreshable web query feature to monitor a collection of up to 255 sites in a single workbook. The Excel worksheet shown in Figure 8-11 retrieves user information from a Windows SharePoint Services web site. The worksheet also includes a hyperlink to the web site and a calculation showing the total number of users.
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696 ChAPTER 12
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Reviewing the Act I Slides for The Analysis
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Populating Get Output Item Groups
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FIGURE 2-24 Microsoft Office Word document created when launching a mail merge from the web client
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Value type objects have two representations: an unboxed form and a boxed form (discussed in the next section) . Reference types are always in a boxed form . Value types are derived from System.ValueType . This type offers the same methods as defined by System.Object . However, System.ValueType overrides the Equals method so that it returns true if the values of the two objects fields match . In addition, System.ValueType overrides the GetHashCode method to produce a hash code value by using an algorithm that takes into account the values in the object s instance fields . Due to performance issues with this default implementation, when defining your own value types, you should override and provide explicit implementations for the Equals and GetHashCode methods . I ll cover the Equals and GetHashCode methods at the end of this chapter . Because you can t define a new value type or a new reference type by using a value type as a base class, you shouldn t introduce any new virtual methods into a value type . No methods can be abstract, and all methods are implicitly sealed (can t be overridden) . Reference type variables contain the memory address of objects in the heap . By default, when a reference type variable is created, it is initialized to null, indicating that the reference type variable doesn t currently point to a valid object . Attempting to use a null reference type variable causes a NullReferenceException to be thrown . By contrast, value type variables always contain a value of the underlying type, and all members of the value type are initialized to 0 . Since a value type variable isn t a pointer, it s not possible to generate a NullReferenceException when accessing a value type . The CLR does offer a special feature that adds the notion of nullability to a value type . This feature, called nullable types, is discussed in 19, Nullable Value Types . When you assign a value type variable to another value type variable, a field-by-field copy is made . When you assign a reference type variable to another reference type variable, only the memory address is copied . Because of the previous point, two or more reference type variables can refer to a single object in the heap, allowing operations on one variable to affect the object referenced by the other variable . On the other hand, value type variables are distinct objects, and it s not possible for operations on one value type variable to affect another . Because unboxed value types aren t allocated on the heap, the storage allocated for them is freed as soon as the method that defines an instance of the type is no longer active . This means that a value type instance doesn t receive a notification (via a Finalize method) when its memory is reclaimed .
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Your program works! This technique works well if you re passing programs between your own machines or servers, or if you re distributing your programs to other developers. As long as the other users and machines have the same Ruby libraries or gems that your program uses, your program should run fine. For example, if you develop something to work with the standard version of Ruby that comes with Mac OS X, your program should work just fine on other Mac OS X machines (assuming they are running the same or a later version of OS X that includes Ruby). This ability to interpret the code in the same way on varying machines is one benefit of interpreted languages over compiled languages. If the same version of the Ruby interpreter is available on a different platform, it should run the same programs that your Ruby interpreter does. With compiled code (code that is specifically compiled down to machine code for a specific platform), it is not the case that it will run identically on all platforms; in fact, it usually won t! What if you want to distribute your Ruby program to people who aren t au fait with the Ruby interpreter Depending on the target operating system (that is, the operating system the user is running), there are several ways to make deploying Ruby applications simpler.
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One of the most fruitful areas for testing is boundary conditions off-by-one errors. Saying num 1 when you mean num and saying >= when you mean > are common mistakes. The idea of boundary analysis is to write test cases that exercise the boundary conditions. Pictorially, if you re testing for a range of values that are less than max, you have three possible conditions:
and Compare methods in addition to the versions shown earlier . Microsoft recommends that these other versions (not shown in this book) be avoided . Furthermore, String s other comparison methods CompareTo (required by the IComparable interface), CompareOrdinal, and the == and != operators should also be avoided . The reason for avoiding these methods and operators is because the caller does not explicitly indicate how the string comparison should be performed, and you cannot determine from the name of the method what the default comparison will be . For example, by default, CompareTo performs a culture-sensitive comparison, whereas Equals performs an ordinal comparison . Your code will be easier to read and maintain if you always indicate explicitly how you want to perform your string comparisons .
Virtual private networking is the extension of a private network that encompasses links across shared or public networks such as the Internet. Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003 use PPTP and L2TP/IPSec as the industry standard technologies for remote access and site-to-site VPN connections. Windows Server 2003 also includes technologies and components to administer VPN connec tions and provide for VPN connection accounting, auditing, and alarming.
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