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System.Reflection.Assembly CurrAsm = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly ; // Get the directory to this Add-In and append the name of // the resources DLL to the path so I can load the tab // button. StringBuilder StrSatDll = new StringBuilder ( ) ; String StrTemp = CurrAsm.Location.ToLower ( ) ; int iPos = StrTemp.IndexOf ( "simpletoolwindow.dll" ) ; StrSatDll.Append ( CurrAsm.Location.Substring ( 0 , iPos )); StrSatDll.Append ( "SimpleToolWindowResources.DLL" ) ; // Load the managed control into the ActiveX control and // have it load the bitmap. ShimObj.HostUserControl2 ( TheToolWindow CurrAsm.Location StrSatDll.ToString ( ) 1 ); } catch ( System.Exception eEx ) { MessageBox.Show ( eEx.Message + "\r\n" + eEx.StackTrace.ToString ( ) "ExceptBion in OnConnection" } } , ) ; , , , ( )
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In the BitArray example, the indexer takes one Int32 parameter, bitPos . All indexers must have at least one parameter, but they can have more . These parameters (as well as the return type) can be of any data type (except void) . An example of an indexer that has more than one parameter can be found in the System.Drawing.Imaging.ColorMatrix class, which ships in the System .Drawing .dll assembly . It s quite common to create an indexer to look up values in an associative array . In fact, the System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary type offers an indexer that takes a key and returns the value associated with the key . Unlike parameterless properties, a type can offer multiple, overloaded indexers as long as their signatures differ . Like a parameterless property s set accessor method, an indexer s set accessor method also contains a hidden parameter, called value in C# . This parameter indicates the new value desired for the indexed element . The CLR doesn t differentiate parameterless properties and parameterful properties; to the CLR, each is simply a pair of methods and a piece of metadata defined within a type . As mentioned earlier, different programming languages require different syntax to create and use parameterful properties . The fact that C# requires this[...] as the syntax for expressing an indexer was purely a choice made by the C# team . What this choice means is that C# allows indexers to be defined only on instances of objects . C# doesn t offer syntax allowing a developer to define a static indexer property, although the CLR does support static parameterful properties . Because the CLR treats parameterful properties just as it does parameterless properties, the compiler will emit either two or three of the following items into the resulting managed assembly:
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Before You Begin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-2
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Figure 9-15. Use the Advanced properties to limit the users ability to move or close the web part.
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Targets are meant to represent a discrete step in the build process. Targets use tasks, datatypes, and property declarations to accomplish their work. Targets are required to have a name attribute and an optional comma-separated list of dependent targets.
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Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: This action enables Microsoft fast zone transfer, which uses compres sion and can include multiple records in a single TCP message. It does not initiate a zone transfer, and cannot solve the problem described in this scenario. B. Incorrect: This action disables Microsoft fast zone transfer. This answer is incor rect for the reason stated in the explanation for answer A. C. Incorrect: When a zone transfer is initiated, either manually or as a scheduled operation, the master sever compares the serial numbers of the primary and sec ondary SOA records to determine whether the records on the secondary server need to be updated. Incrementing this number manually will not solve the prob lem outlined in this scenario. D. Correct: Resource records in the secondary zone have become stale either because regular zone transfers have not occurred, or because a lot of recent changes have been made to resource records on the DNS master. This procedure initiates zone transfer manually.
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Communicating and Collaborating: People and Processes
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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When you break down the roles of the more than 80,000 employees worldwide that work directly for Microsoft, of the total employee base, you find that more than 35,000 are in sales, marketing, and IT. Product Engineering is the part of the company that develops and supports the software products, and as of early 2008, Microsoft employs nearly 35,000 engineers worldwide. The other 10,000 employees span a number of other disciplines ranging from business administration to legal. Although Microsoft continues to grow at a rapid rate, the balance of sales, marketing, and IT with Product Engineering has been a relative constant for many years. Product engineers are the employees who actually work to create and ship the products hardware, software, and services that Microsoft sells to customers. Microsoft engineering roles break down into the following 10 product-engineering disciplines: Test Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) are usually just called Test and sometimes Software Testing. SDETs are responsible for maintaining high testing and qualityassurance standards for all Microsoft products. Development Software Development Engineers (SDEs) are often referred to as Software Development. SDEs write the code that drives Microsoft products and upgrades. Program Management (PM) PM is a rather unique role in Microsoft that combines elements of project management, product planning, and design into one discipline. The PM's job is to define a new product's technical aspects and oversee its hands-on development. Operations (Ops) Ops is part of Microsoft Information technology (IT). The Ops discipline manages and maintains Microsoft online services as well as internal corporate IT infrastructure, from networks to servers. Ops works closely with the product teams on service architecture to lower production costs and make our services more reliable. Usability and Design Usability Experience and Design (UX) combines the roles we advertise as product design and usability. Design focuses on the visual and functional front-end user experience for Microsoft products. Usability also focuses on the end user experience but conducts new research to see how the user works with existing products and new prototypes, and then analyzes the results to help improve products during development. Content Content is still called User Assistance and Education on our external sites. This discipline plans and delivers assistance including UI text, Web articles, training, templates, columns, books, quizzes, and Help files to help customers get the most from Microsoft products. The shift to the title Content emphasizes Microsoft's need to focus on content that can be used across multiple delivery vehicles. Creative Creative positions exist most often in the Games group. Engineers in this discipline develop and improve Microsoft's cutting-edge games software for the PC and for the Xbox game console. The Creative discipline includes game designers as well as artists. Research Research includes subroles for developers and testers. The difference between a research developer and a product developer is the emphasis upon research, publishing papers, and incubating new technologies as opposed to shipping a product on a schedule. Localization International Project Engineering (IPE) used to be known as Localization. The localization component of the discipline focuses on translation of Microsoft software into multiple languages and adaptation of software for different cultures. The IPE discipline is also responsible for adapting Microsoft software for specific market needs.
For this polygon which, if square, would be measure approximately 73 meters on a side the difference between the GEOMETRY and the GEOGRAPHY area measurement is less than 1 square meter .
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
Activating a Scope. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-13
FIGURE 5-2 The Install Now page of the Install Windows Wizard
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