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We can also see the actions associated with these events by running the following query:
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3. Start the Telnet service. One way to accomplish this task is to double-click the Telnet icon, select Manual from the Startup Type drop-down list box, click Apply, click Start, and then click OK. The Service Control status box appears while the Telnet service is starting. It dis appears when the service has started successfully. In the Services console, the Sta tus field for the Telnet service now contains the word Started. 4. Close the Services console. 5. Log on to Computer2 as Administrator. 6. On Computer2, open a command prompt and enter telnet computer1. You will be warned about sending your password to a remote computer. 7. Press y, and then press Enter. If you have assigned the Administrator account the same password on Computer2 as on Computer1, you will receive a Welcome message and a command prompt from Telnet Server. If you have assigned the two Administrator accounts separate passwords, you must enter the Administrator credentials for Computer1 before you receive this message and command prompt. 8. After you have received the Welcome message, type netdiag at the Telnet com mand prompt, and then press Enter. Information gathers for a few moments, and then the output of the Netdiag utility appears at the command prompt. This utility has been run on Computer1. 9. Briefly review the Netdiag output. 10. At the Telnet command prompt, type cd my documents, and then press Enter. The directory on Computer1 from which you are executing commands changes. 11. At the Telnet prompt, type netdiag >NetdiagOutput.txt, and then press Enter. A copy of the Netdiag output is saved to the My Documents folder on Computer1. 12. At the Telnet prompt, type netdiag /v >VerboseNetdiagOutput.txt, and then press Enter. A copy of the verbose Netdiag output is saved to the My Documents folder on Computer1. 13. Switch back to Computer1 and open the My Documents folder. 14. Open NetdiagOutput.txt, and then open VerboseNetdiagOutput.txt. 15. Take a minute to compare the output from these two modes of the Netdiag utility. 16. In the My Documents folder, use the shortcut to the NetDiag folder to open the HTML file that you created and saved through Network Diagnostics.
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Quality Windows Audio Video Experience
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SELECT app, MAX(concurrent) AS mx FROM (SELECT app, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.Sessions AS S WHERE = AND T.ts >= S.starttime AND T.ts < S.endtime) AS concurrent FROM (SELECT app, starttime AS ts FROM dbo.Sessions) AS T) AS C GROUP BY app;
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One of the best tools for troubleshooting IPSec authentication issues is the Oakley log. For more information, see the Oakley Logging section in this chapter.
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You can name your function to suit your needs. However, the parameters should follow the standard shown here. Your function will be automatically called by the data validation framework after it is attached to a CustomValidator control. When the function is called, the source parameter will contain a reference to the validation control that is performing the validation. The arguments parameter is an object that has a property called Value; this property contains the data to be validated by your client-side function. Next, you need to write your validation logic. This logic should evaluate arguments.Value and determine if it is valid or not. After you have determined this, you set the arguments.IsValid property to true (valid) or false (invalid). Finally, you attach your client-side function to a CustomValidator control by setting the ClientFunctionName property of the CustomValidator control to the name of your validation function. Consider an example. Suppose you need custom validation for managing password rules at the client level. Your requirement might be that passwords must be between 6 and 14 characters in length and must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one numeric character. Suppose that your page includes a TextBox control for entering a new password, a Button control for submitting the password change, a ValidationSummary control for showing the long error message, a RequiredFieldValidator control to ensure that the user has typed a password, and a CustomValidator control for validating the actual password. Your webpage source might look as follows.
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Observing true experts in different fields, you will find a common practice that they all sharemastering the basics. One way or another, all professions deal with problem solving. All solutions to problems, complex as they may be, involve applying a mix of key techniques. If you want to master a profession, you need to build your knowledge upon strong foundations. Put a lot of effort in perfecting your techniques; master the basics, and you will be able to solve any problem. This book is about Transact-SQL (T-SQL) queryinglearning key techniques and applying them to solve problems. I can't think of a better way to start the book than with a chapter on fundamentals of logical query processing. I find this chapter the most important in the booknot just because it covers the essentials of query processing, but also because SQL programming is conceptually very different than any other sort of programming. The Microsoft SQL Server dialect of SQLTransact-SQLfollows the ANSI standard. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 conforms to the ANSI SQL:1992 standard at the Entry SQL level, and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 implements some important ANSI SQL:1999 and ANSI SQL:2003 features. Throughout the book, I will interchangeably use the terms SQL and T-SQL. When discussing aspects of the language that originated from ANSI SQL and are relevant to most dialects, I will typically use the term SQL. When discussing aspects of the language with the implementation of SQL Server in mind, I'll typically use the term T-SQL. Note that the formal language name is Transact-SQL, although it is commonly called T-SQL. Most programmers, including myself, feel more comfortable calling it T-SQL, so I made a conscious choice of using the term T-SQL throughout the book.
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you create a macro named 50 that executes the command string mode con:lines=50. To run a macro, you simply enter its name (in this example, 50) at a command prompt. You can create as many macros as you like with Doskey, but your macros are effective only for the current Command Prompt session. To create a reusable set of Doskey macros, save them in a plain-text file, using an editor such as Notepad. Then load them from the command prompt, using Doskey s /Macrofile switch. For example, if your macros are stored in the file C:\MyMacros.txt, typing
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MyValType v1, v2; // The following line calls the strongly typed version of // Equals (no boxing occurs). if (v1.Equals(v2)) { ... } // The following line calls the version of // Equals that takes an object (4 is boxed). if (v1.Equals(4)) { ... } // The following doesn t compile because operator== // doesn t take a MyValType and an Int32. if (v1 == 4) { ... } // The following compiles, and no boxing occurs. if (v1 == v2) { ... }
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23. Debugging
Computer Name:
Figure 6-2. Periods in which stock values were greater than or equal to 50
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7. 8.
The Home tab includes commands related to the Clipboard, font selections, paragraph settings, styles, and editing. The Insert tab includes what you need to add pages, tables, illustrations, links, headers and footers, text objects, and symbols in your document. The Page Layout tab contains the commands for working with themes, page backgrounds, and paragraph spacing in your document. Additionally, you choose page setup options and arrange the order of elements on your page using this tab. The References tab includes special elements you will use when you create longer or more complete documents. On this tab, you ll find what you need to create a table of contents, footnotes, citations and bibliographies, captions, an index, and a table of authorities. The Mailings tab is a new addition in the Office Word 2007 interface. Here you can find everything you need related to creating, previewing, and producing a mail merge project.
Network Connections
body { text-align: center; font-family: Arial; font-size: 10pt; } .topNav { padding: 0px 0px 0px 20px; } .header { text-align: left; margin: 20px 0px 20px 0px; } .footer { margin: 20px 0px 20px 0px; }
A. Remote HTTP B. File system c. FTP D. Local HTTP
Important When you create a new C# project in Visual Studio, an AssemblyInfo .cs file is created automatically for you . This file contains all of the assembly version attributes described in this section, plus a few additional attributes that I ll cover in 3 . You can simply open the AssemblyInfo .cs file and modify your assembly-specific information . Visual Studio also provides a dialog box that you can use to edit the assembly version information in this file . To see this dialog box, in Solution Explorer, double-click your project s Properties entry, and on the Application tab, click Assembly Information; you ll see a dialog box like the one shown in Figure 2-5 .
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