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Creating an Alert for a Stopped Service
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Listing 9-38. Transitive closure of Roads (undirected cyclic graph)
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Value Parameters
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Path Y is hooked up over the WAN with a 56 Kbps Frame Relay (FR) link over
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Column Type: A, B, C three different types of branches (divided according to type of business, foundation type, and localization at the business location) Column RGN: N, E, S, W regionalization according to the cardinal points of the compass Column CS: 1, 2, 3 differentiation according to the number of inhabitants where the business is located
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Recording and Watching TV
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Note: Some samples in the Prism guidance rely on the Unity Application Block (Unity) as the container. Other code samples for example, the Modularity QuickStarts use Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF). The Prism Library itself is not containerspecific, and you can use its services and patterns with other containers, such as Castle Windsor, StructureMap, and Spring.NET.
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required by a collection when your application is doing something that s already time consuming. In the three scenarios described, the user will never feel a garbage collection because the time is overshadowed by the other work the application is doing. The GC type also offers a WaitForPendingFinalizers method. This method simply suspends the calling thread until the thread processing the freachable queue has emptied the queue, calling each object s Finalize method. In most applications, it s unlikely that you ll ever have to call this method. Occasionally, though, I ve seen code like this:
FIGURE 14-32 Workflow print details
//Example algorithm used to calculate leap years public static bool IsLeapYear(int year) { return (year % 4 == 0 && year % 100 != 0 || year % 400 == 0); }
The Display Name and Description elds are used to describe the build agent to developers when working with build queues and history. The Computer Name eld is the host name of the build agent. This will be used by Team Build to communicate with the build agent so the Computer Name should be resolvable from the Team Foundation Server application tier. The Communications Port and Require Secure Channel (HTTPS) elds are used to customize how the Team Foundation Server application tier communicates with the build agent, which is discussed in 11. The Working Directory eld allows you to specify which directory on the build agent will be used as the working directory during the build. This default working directory is
IsByteOrdered This is a very important property . It indicates whether or not the values of your UDT should be ordered by their serialized (binary) value . If it is set to true, you can create indexes on your UDT, use T-SQL s ORDER BY clause, compare different values of these type, and more . IsFixedLength This property indicates whether all instances of this user-defined type have the same length . MaxByteSize As I already mentioned, this property defines the maximum size of a value of your type . Name This property is not used by SQL Server; it is used by Visual Studio to name the type if you deploy your type directly from Visual Studio . ValidationMethodName Defines the name of the method used for checking values of your type . When SQL Server converts values to your type, it checks that the property values obtained by the deserialization are valid . However, SQL Server does not call this method for inserts and updates; you can call it manually in the Parse method or in any custom property or method that changes the values of UDT members .
manually configuring IPSec rules, the list of certification authorities (CAs) for L2TP/IPSec connections is not configurable. Instead, each computer in the L2TP connection sends a list of root CAs to its IPSec peer from which it accepts a certificate for authentication. The root CAs in this list correspond to the root CAs that issued computer certificates to the computer. For example, if Computer A was issued computer certificates by root CAs CertAuth1 and CertAuth2, it notifies its IPSec peer during main mode negotiation that it will accept certificates for authentication from only CertAuth1 and CertAuth2. If the IPSec peer, Computer B, does not have a valid computer certificate issued from either CertAuth1 or CertAuth2, IPSec security negotiation fails. The VPN client must have a valid computer certificate installed that was issued by a CA and follows a valid certificate chain from the issuing CA up to a root CA that the VPN server trusts. Additionally, the VPN server must have a valid computer certificate installed that was issued by a CA and follows a valid certificate chain from the issuing CA up to a root CA that the VPN client trusts.
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