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10. In the Smart Card Or Other Certificate Properties dialog box, click Use A Certificate On This Computer. Type in the Connect To These Servers text box (as shown in the following figure). In the Trusted Root Certification Authorities drop-down list, select the Example CA check box. Click OK three times, and then click Next.
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prefix or postfix increment or decrement operators, or any of the compound assignment operators, both the get and set accessors must be declared.
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5. Click New to open the Build Agent Properties dialog box shown in Figure 10-3.
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C# this.eventAggregator.GetEvent<TickerSymbolSelectedEvent>().Publish( STOCK0");
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In the previous sections, you saw how to build a simple XML-over-HTTP service and an HTTPPOST service that return data to a Silverlight client. Another way of providing a data service is by using a SOAP Web service. You see how to construct and consume one in this section. First, go back to the PriceHistoryService solution you ve been working on and add a new Web service called PriceHistoryWebService. Use the extension .asmx for the service. A Web service is a special type of HTTP-POST service that carries a structured message using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Visual Studio handles all the underlying functions for you, so creating a Web service is easy. In the PriceHistoryWebService.asmx.cs file, you can see a basic Hello World function, which is attributed as a WebMethod like this:
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Core Facilities
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directly from the root CA, but rather should deploy the following:
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In this section, I give a bit more insight into how a formatter serializes an object s fields . This knowledge can help you understand the more advanced serialization and deserialization techniques explained in the remainder of this chapter . To make things easier for a formatter, the FCL offers a FormatterServices type in the System.Runtime.Serialization namespace . This type has only static methods in it, and no instances of the type may be instantiated . The following steps describe how a formatter automatically serializes an object whose type has the SerializableAttribute attribute applied to it: 1 The formatter calls FormatterServices s GetSerializableMembers method:
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Part II Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET
Details related to certificate-based L2TP/IPSec deployment are beyond the scope of the 70-291 exam. However, you can learn more about this subject at the following address: url=/technet/prodtechnol /windowsserver2003/deploy/confeat/rmotevpn.asp.
Correct Answers: A A. Correct: The DNS debug log file is located in %systemroot%\System32\ Dns\Dns.log. B. Incorrect: The DNS server system event log records system events such as failure of the DNS Server service to start. It does not record debug logging events. C. Incorrect: This answer is incorrect for the reason stated in the explanation for answer A. D. Incorrect: The dns.server log can be accessed from either Event Viewer or the DNS console. However, this log is not the one you want to access.
One of the tasks during data modeling is also to decide which values are allowed for each attribute. As a minimum, you could allow only numbers in a certain column, or allow only dates or text. You can impose additional restrictions, such as by allowing only positive integers or text of a certain maximum length. A set of allowed attribute values is sometimes referred to as a domain. Another common term is datatype (or just type). Each attribute is defined on a certain type. This can be a standard (built-in) type or a user-defined type.
Operations engineers tend to love these next three tips. As testers, we should try to file the bugs first. Tip If operations has to do anything more than double-click an icon and wait for the green light to come back saying the deployment completed successfully, there are still bugs in the deployment code. They might be design bugs, but they are still bugs. Tip If the deployment guide to operations has any instructions other than, "Go here and double-click this file," there are bugs in the deployment guide. Tip If there needs to be more than two engineers in the room to ensure that the deployment is successful, there are design flaws in the deployment code and the deployment guide. Fully automated, data-driven deployments are the foundation that unblocks all other testing, and they must be the top priority. Great Deployment is Critical to Operational Excellence For a new service I have typically had at least one developer and one tester dedicated to deployment coding and testing. If done correctly, this level of investment can be trimmed back significantly in future releases. Deployments in jargonese: The key features of a good deployment are zero downtime, zero data loss, partial production upgrades (or running in mixed mode), rolling upgrades, and fast rollback. Iitially Web services had downtime during upgrades, and some even had weekly maintenance windows. Today most services look to complete upgrades without any (zero) downtime for users. Zero data loss is really for the highly stateful services with a lot of unique user data. Upgrades to these services are particularly challenging when the service is undergoing significant schema changes. Partial production upgrade means that a service might upgrade a small percentage of what is considered the production servers to the new version of the code. This could be anything from 50 percent down to 10 or even 5 percent. Mixed mode means that a service might upgrade a portion of production to a new version, but that users can get the same high-quality experience whether using the old or new version of the service. Although mixed mode might show up during an upgrade deployment, it is really a design point for the service. In the case of significant user interface (UI) changes, mixed mode ensures that users who are exposed to the new experience continue to get that experience each time they access the service. Rolling upgrade means that a service can have portions of the live production servers upgraded automatically without any user-experienced downtime. Literally, the deployment just rolls along on a schedule whether it is hours or days long and completes automatically. Fast roll back is the safety net used if anything goes wrong. Whether a service is at 10 percent completion or 90 percent completion, if a recall class bug is identified, the service should quickly roll back to the last known good version. I often tell my operations team that for a large service they should insist on the deployment taking no less than three days. The reason for this is to manage risk to the full production service. On more than one occasion, we have started the deployment of a "small low-risk update" to a service, and before we
Demand-dial interface for site-to-site VPN connection
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