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Mor Hezi, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Office 2007
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You don t have to list all certificate templates to allow a specific enrollment agent group to request certificates for all certificate template or for all users. You can choose <All> certificate templates and Everyone for the target users. In addition, you can add explicit Deny permissions to prevent issuance to a specific group or specific certificate template.
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CVS Commands
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Managing Startup Programs
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100 25 The first method and when I say first, I mean the first method in our example; the actual order of methods in code is irrelevant in the Square class is initialize. initialize is a special method that s called when a new object based on that class is created. When you call, the Square class creates a new object instance of itself, and then calls initialize upon that object. In this case, initialize accepts a single argument into side_length as passed by, and assigns the number 10 (now referenced by side_length) to a variable called @side_length. The @ symbol before the variable name is important in this case. But why To understand why some variables are prefixed with certain symbols requires understanding that there are multiple types of variables, such as local, global, object, and class variables.
It's unclear if it was intentional, but most of the Microsoft products I have been involved in used the spiral model or variations. [3] When I joined the Windows 95 team at Microsoft, they were in the early stages of "Milestone 8" (or M8 as we called it). M8, like one of its predecessors, M6, ended up being a public beta. Each milestone had specific goals for product functionality and quality. Every product I've worked on at Microsoft, and many others I've worked with indirectly, have used a milestone model. The milestone schedule establishes the time line for the project release and includes key interim project deliverables and midcycle releases (such as beta and partner releases). The milestone schedule helps individual teams understand the overall project expectations and to check the status of the project. An example of the milestone approach is shown in Figure 3-3.
Online (Errors) The operating system encountered errors when reading or writing data from a region of the disk. (This status message appears on dynamic disks only.) Offline The disk was once available but is not currently accessible. The disk might be physically damaged or it might be disconnected. (This status message appears on dynamic disks only.)
The example then accesses the rows in the DataSet to delete a row, add a new row, and change the Description column in another row. After this, it displays the updated contents of the DataSet table.
14 Spatial Data
flag value, the CLR may, according to the ECMA specification, choose not to intern all of the strings defined in that assembly s metadata . Note that, in an attempt to improve your application s performance, the C# compiler always specifies this attribute/flag whenever you compile an assembly . Even if an assembly has this attribute/flag specified, the CLR may choose to intern the strings, but you should not count on this . In fact, you really should never write code that relies on strings being interned unless you have written code that explicitly calls the String s Intern method yourself . The following code demonstrates string interning:
Batching and Incremental Builds
The URL attribute of the client element is used to indicate the server details. This configuration file is equivalent to the following C# statements:
Figure 23-8 Decoding the information in a Stop error can help you find the underlying problem and fix it.
A motivation to use fibers over threads in some situations is efficiency. Creating hundreds of fibers is a lot faster than creating the equivalent threads, especially in Ruby 1.9 where threads are created at the operating system level. There are also significant memory efficiency benefits, too. The disadvantage of fibers to threads, however, is that fibers are not preemptive at all you can only run one fiber at a time (within a single thread), and you have to do the scheduling. In some situations, of course, this might be a plus! You may decide that fibers have no place in your own code, which is fine. One of the greatest benefits of fibers is in implementing lightweight I/O management routines within other libraries, so even if you don t use fibers directly, you might still end up benefiting from their use elsewhere.
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