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The first three of these tracks Video, Transition, and Audio are bracketed on the timeline, because you can t adjust the positions of items on these tracks independently. If you move two clips joined by a transition, for example, the transition moves along with the video and audio.
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Figure 2-29 The ideal position for the node.
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Initializing the Data Structures
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Figure Figure Figure Figure 2-3 Figure 2-1: 2-2: 2-3: 2-4: The .NET Framework architecture The Ildasm.exe window when HelloDotNet.exe is examined A Web page automatically generated from a Web service The result screen that appears when you invoke the Add method in Figure
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or having to use CVS. Java2Html is a tool that enables you to take a Java class or a snippet of Java code and generate a syntax-highlighted HTML version of the code. The Java2Html tool can be obtained from as a single ZIP file that contains one JAR file (java2html.jar). As with the other third-party Ant tasks, place the JAR file in a directory named java2html under the TechConf lib directory. As mentioned previously, you should load the task using the taskdef task. First we add the path and taskdef to the macros.xml file as shown here: <path id="java2html.class.path"> <fileset dir="lib/java2html"> <include name="*.jar"/> </fileset> </path> <!-- Java2Html - --> <taskdef name="java2html" classname="de.java2html.anttasks.Java2HtmlTask" classpathref="java2html.class.path" /> The generated HTML source will be placed under the location pointed to by the property ${browseable-source}, as shown in Listing 3-12. Listing 3-12. Generate-html Macrodef <!-- =================================================================== --> <!-- Generates browsable source code in HTML format --> <!-- =================================================================== --> <macrodef name="generate-html" description="Generates browsable HTML version of the source code." > <attribute name="src"/> <attribute name="dest"/> <sequential> <mkdir dir="@{dest}" /> <java2html srcdir="@{src}" destdir="@{dest}" includes="**/*.java" outputFormat="html" tabs="4" style="eclipse" showLineNumbers="true" showFileName="true" showTableBorder="true"
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The ASP.NET Web Parts require the ASP.NET personalization database. This allows the tracking of user customizations to specific Web Parts and Web Part pages. This database, ASPNETDB, will be installed for you by Visual Studio when you run your first Web Part page. By default, the database is a Microsoft SQL Server Express database. You can, however, upgrade this to work with various editions of Microsoft SQL Server.
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The aggregate function must accept a column as input, so I provided the productid itself. This means that if the product exists within an order, the corresponding value will contain the actual productid and not 1. That's why the filter looks a bit different here. Note that you can make both queries more intuitive and similar to each other in their logic by using the COUNT aggregate instead of MAX. This way, both queries would produce a 1 where the product exists and a 0 where it doesn't (instead of NULL). Here's what the SQL Server 2000 query would look like:
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Figure 8-3. TestNG DTD The simplest testng.xml for the previous test is shown in Listing 8-5. The XML file defines the suite My Suite , which contains one test named Simple Test , which in turn contains a single class to be tested. TestNG will scan the classes listed for annotations. Listing 8-5. TestNG XML Configuration <!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "" > <suite name="My Suite"> <test name="Simple Test"> <classes> <class name="GreeterTest" /> </classes> </test> </suite> To run the tests using the testng.xml, use the simple command line shown next: java ea -cp bin;lib/testng/testng-4.3-jdk15.jar org.testng.TestNG testng.xml
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A virus is a computer program that replicates by attaching itself to another object. Viruses can infect program files, documents (in the form of macro viruses), or low-level disk and file-system structures such as the boot sector and partition table. Viruses can run when an infected program file runs; they can also reside in memory and infect files as the user opens, saves, or creates the files. A worm is a stand-alone program that replicates by copying itself from one computer to another, usually over a network or through e-mail attachments. The distinction between viruses and worms can be blurry, and for practical purposes, is unimportant. Historically, the most common source of widespread computer virus outbreaks is the class of hostile software that replicates by sending itself to other potential victims as an attachment to an e-mail message. The accompanying message often uses social engineering techniques designed to lure inattentive or gullible users into opening the infected attachment. Several variants of the Mydoom virus, which spread like wildfire throughout 2004, arrived as attachments that mimicked delivery failure reports from an e-mail server administrator. The attachment, in .zip format, ostensibly included details of the failed message but actually contained the virus payload.
FIGURE 9-4 CompressJavaScript example
To test the performance of this solution, run it against the BigNumSeq table:
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