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back methods, you can execute code that resolves the binding problem and allows the application to continue running without throwing an exception .
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Description A brush that uses a single color to fill the interior of a shape A brush that uses an image to fill the System.Drawing.TextureBrush interior of a shape A brush that uses a hatched-line pattern to System.Drawing.Drawing2D.HatchBrush fill the interior of a shape System.Drawing.Drawing2D.LinearGradientBrush A brush that fills the interior of a shape using a gradient between two or more colors The following example demonstrates how to use a SolidBrush to fill a rectangle. The SolidBrush constructor accepts a value from the System.Drawing.Color structure, which is equivalent to the java.awt.Color class:
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NAP includes a variety of methods for enforcing network policies for both local and remote computers. The two methods most suited for local enforcement on enterprise networks are 802.1x and IPsec. Do not think of these two methods as mutually exclusive options, but rather as complementary technologies that can be combined to provide two powerful layers of defense-in-depth for your network.
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15 Using Dynamic Languages in Silverlight
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SELECT AS QueueName, AS InternalName FROM sys.service_queues AS Q JOIN sys.internal_tables AS I ON Q.object_id = I.parent_object_id;
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The drop-down arrow at the far left of the Address bar allows you to choose one of five categories to display: Music, Pictures, Video, Recorded TV, and Other Media. (The latter category includes, among other things, digital images that are stored in your Music folder and are not included in the Windows Photo Gallery index.)
Figure E-1. The network topology of the Connection Manager test lab.
The using Statement
Analyze Waits at the Instance Level
GServer: A Ruby library that makes developing network servers and services easy. It handles the thread and connection management and allows servers to be created by simply subclassing the GServer class. Daemon: A process that runs continually and silently in the background on a machine and isn t run directly by a user. Daemon processes are often used to run servers, as they run consistently without any interaction requirements on the local machine. A process that is then turned into a daemon is said to be daemonized.
15 Application Data Caching
The site map file, if any, is parsed and transformed into a SiteMap object. The SiteMap object is globally accessible through a bunch of static methods. The XML file shown above is made up of a hierarchy of <siteMapNode> elements, each containing a title and a url attribute, and an optional description attribute. The former returns a friendly name for the element; the latter indicates the URL to jump to when that portion of the site is selected. You can also specify the contents of a site map node by referencing an external file, as the following code snippet demonstrates:
Naming Enumerated Types
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32. Self-Documenting Code
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