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When I run the code above, I get the following output:
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Part I CLR Basics
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Windows Security Fundamentals
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Microsoft Update Catalog
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16. In the Select A Protocol Type drop-down list, select TCP. 17. In the Set The IP Protocol Port box, shown in Figure 11-28, click To This Port, type 80, and then click OK.
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Rank and Dense Rank
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FIGURE 9-3 Security groups that are e-mail enabled have the option of receiving e-mail from data matrix code
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Some developers might first define a class like this:
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The attempt fails, generating the following error:
Setting Notebook Properties
The purpose of the JavaScript function FormatDate shown in Listing 7-8 is to perform a cursory test for a valid date, regardless of whether the date has been entered using slashes. To gain access to the contents of the control, I use window.event.srcElement, which will be available because this function is called as an event handler. If two slashes aren t found in the entered value, I try to interpret the entry as a date without slashes. If the string is six or eight characters, I split it into month, day, and year. To get a numeric value (for easier formatting later), I use the JavaScript function parseInt. One interesting feature of this function is that it interprets strings with leading zeros as octal by default. Thus, parseInt( 09 ) would not be considered a number because there s no 9 in the octal number system. Thankfully, there s a second parameter, which accepts the base of the number. Calling parseInt( 09 ,10) returns a correct value. If I ve determined that the string entered without slashes is likely to be a date, I reformat it with slashes and update the value property of window.event.srcElement. If the date isn t valid, I use the alert function to display a message box on the client. All of this activity occurs without any intervention on the part of the client. Note How important is it to be able to change JavaScript files In Beta 2 of ASP.NET, there was a bug in the JavaScript files. Fortunately, because the code wasn t baked into the controls, Microsoft was able to provide instructions that allowed developers to fix the problem themselves. In this example, the behavior of the date formatting could be changed independently of the control, allowing, for example, a date entered in ddmmyy format. Let s look back at Listing 7-7. Because ReformatDate is derived from BaseValidator, the ReformatDate control needs to implement a single function, EvaluateIsValid. My implementation is brief: protected override bool EvaluateIsValid() { this.ServerFormatDate(); return bIsValid; } EvaluateIsValid is a method that returns true if the form is valid or false if the form is not valid. ServerFormatDate, a method of ReformatDate, does much the same kind of checking that the FormatDate JavaScript function does. In general, if the browser is capable of using JavaScript, no invalid dates will get to the server, and so this function is used as a second line of defense. Caution In addition to acting as a validator of last resort, if the client browser doesn t support JavaScript, ServerFormatDate can also prevent users trying to enter or send invalid data. Remember, you have no control over exactly how the data gets to your server. All data posted from a client should be treated as suspect, unless proven otherwise! The ReformatDate control also implements two interfaces; IPostBackDataHandler and IPostBackEventHandler. If you need to have a control notified when data is posted back by the client, you must implement IPostBackEventHandler. Two methods must be implemented on this interface: LoadPostData and RaisePostDataChangedEvent. The implementation of these methods is shown here: public virtual bool LoadPostData(string postDataKey, NameValueCollection values) {
While you re developing applications, you can use a stub issuer that just returns the claims you need. WIF supplies a local issuer that can be used for prototyping and development and it s integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .
<ItemGroup> <RemoveAfterBuild Include="$(OutputPath)\obj\" /> <RemoveAfterBuild Include="$(OutputPath)\My Project\" /> </ItemGroup> <Target Name="AfterBuild"> <RemoveDir Directories="@(RemoveAfterBuild)" /> </Target>
Other Alerts Warns of other potential problems, such as clients without virus protection or security updates.
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