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Fields, also known as attributes in previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can also be thought of as columns in a table. For example, the Account entity has fields to store data such as address, city, state, and phone number. Every entity possesses multiple fields that store data about the entity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has both custom and system fields; within system fields, there are customizable and non-customizable attributes.
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SELECT custid, COUNT(y2006) AS [2006], COUNT(y2007) AS [2007], COUNT(y2008) AS [2008] FROM (SELECT custid, YEAR(orderdate) AS orderyear FROM dbo.Orders) AS D JOIN dbo.Matrix AS M ON D.orderyear = M.orderyear GROUP BY custid;
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Main thread: queuing an asynchronous operation Main thread: Doing other work here... In ComputeBoundOp: state=5
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The CLR allows a boxed value type T to be unboxed into a T or a Nullable<T> . If the reference to the boxed value type is null, and you are unboxing it to a Nullable<T>, the CLR sets Nullable<T> s value to null . Here is some code to demonstrate this behavior:
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The optimizer often generates identical plans for two queries when they are truly logically equivalent, and this case quali es. The plan generated for the last query using IN is identical to the one shown in Figure 6-1, which was generated for the query using EXISTS. If you re always thinking of the implications of three-valued logic, you might see the difference between IN and EXISTS. Unlike EXISTS, IN can in fact produce an UNKNOWN logical result when the input list contains a NULL. For example, a IN(b, c, NULL) is UNKNOWN. However, because UNKNOWN is treated like FALSE in a lter, the result of a query with the IN predicate is the same as with the EXISTS predicate, and the optimizer is aware of that, hence the identical plans. NOT EXISTS vs. NOT IN The logical difference between EXISTS and IN does show up if we compare NOT EXISTS and NOT IN, when the input list of NOT IN might contain a NULL. For example, suppose you need to return customers from Spain who made no orders. Here s the solution using the NOT EXISTS predicate:
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13 XML and XQuery
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20. Click Properties. On the Smart Card Or Other Certificate Properties dialog box, select Use A Certificate On This Computer. This is shown in the follow ing figure.
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All SQL Server data types, as opposed to .NET native types, should know how to deal with unknown values . A NULL instance of a UDT must be supported; you can choose how to represent it internally . You can represent it with a flag . All NULL instances should be represented in the same way, so it is quite useful to create a class-level (static in C#, Shared in Visual Basic), read-only variable that holds a NULL instance of your type . When you create a UDT, you have to implement the System.Data.SqlTypes.INullable interface and create a public static (Shared in Visual Basic, read-only Null property) . The interface consists of a single read-only IsNull property, which shows whether the value is unknown . You also have to define an additional Null property, again showing when a value is NULL . Why are there two properties for basically the same purpose You use the IsNull property on client side, in .NET code, to check whether a value is NULL . The Null property is used by SQL Server when IS NULL and IS NOT NULL operators are involved in a query . Although you could write a query
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Managing Printers from Windows SBS
Questions and Answers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-43
VPN Deployment
User-Defined Conversion
internal static class ConditionalWeakTableDemo { public static void Main() { Object o = new Object().GCWatch("My Object created at " + DateTime.Now); GC.Collect(); // We will not see the GC notification here GC.KeepAlive(o); // Make sure the object o refers to lives up to here o = null; // The object that o refers to can die now GC.Collect(); } } internal static class GCWatcher { // NOTE: Be careful with Strings due to interning and MarshalByRefObject proxy objects private readonly static ConditionalWeakTable<Object, NotifyWhenGCd<String>> s_cwt = new ConditionalWeakTable<Object, NotifyWhenGCd<String>>(); private sealed class NotifyWhenGCd<T> { private readonly T m_value; internal NotifyWhenGCd(T value) { m_value = value; } public override string ToString() { return m_value.ToString(); } ~NotifyWhenGCd() { Console.WriteLine("GC'd: " + m_value); } } public static T GCWatch<T>(this T @object, String tag) where T : class { s_cwt.Add(@object, new NotifyWhenGCd<String>(tag)); return @object; } } // We'll see the GC notification here
Determines the minimum version of Silverlight to support. Specifies the function to run when the control is loaded. Specifies the function to run when the control hits an error. Fires when the FullScreen property of the Silverlight control changes.
<authorization> <allow roles="Employee, Order Approver" /> <deny users=" " /> </authorization>
SELECT event_time AS EventTime, sequence_number AS Seq, action_id AS ID, succeeded AS [S/F], session_id AS SessionID, server_principal_name AS SPrincipal FROM sys.fn_get_audit_file('c:\temp\HR_Audit\*.sqlaudit', DEFAULT, DEFAULT);
In this chapter, you can see a number of examples of binding in which a list of values is used in braces to define how the binding can work. Look at these properties, the various values that they support, and how you can use them: Source Source defines where the binding occurs. It can be a resource in the XAML, in which case you define it as a StaticResource, or another bindable source such as an IEnumerable, as discussed in 12. Path Path is the identifier of the property that you want to bind to on the source. Mode Mode defines the binding mode. It can contain the value OneWay, in which case it s a read-only binding; TwoWay, in which case it s a read and write binding; or OneTime, which is a one-off binding that occurs at the first render of the control. Converter You use Converter when data conversion is needed during a binding. You saw an example of this earlier in the chapter. Converter contains the name of an instance of the Converter class. It can also use a ConverterParameter and ConverterCulture for finer-grained handling. These aren t discussed in this book.
When a build de nition is executed on a build agent it is executed using the end-to-end build process, which is the more complete of the two. The end-to-end build process consists of this series of MSBuild targets:
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