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Unlike recompiles, initial compiles take place at the batch level not the statement level . Therefore, the optimizer didn t know what the value of @odate was when it optimized the query . So it used a conservative, hard-coded value that is 30 percent of the number of rows in the table . For such a low-selectivity estimation, the optimizer naturally chose a full clustered index scan, even though the query in practice is highly selective and would be much better off using the index on orderdate . You can observe the optimizer s estimation and chosen plan by looking at the execution plan . The actual execution plan you get for this invocation of the stored procedure is shown in Figure 3-3 .
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Create a new database reference to the CLRUtilities database, or choose an existing reference if you created one already . Do not confirm SQL/CLR debugging on this connection .
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This is the only change you have to make; the application code doesn t have to change at all, although you must rebuild it to see the new behavior. Now, when the application s Main method runs, the CLR will load the DLL assembly (so this assembly is now required at run time) and grab the value of the MaxEntriesInList field out of the dynamic memory that was allocated for it. Of course, the value will be 50. Let s say that the developer of the DLL assembly changes the 50 to 1000 and rebuilds the assembly. When the application code is reexecuted, it will automatically pick up the new value: 1000. In this case, the application code doesn t have to be rebuilt it just works (although its performance is adversely affected). A caveat: this scenario assumes that the new version of the DLL assembly is not strongly named or that the versioning policy of the application is such that the CLR loads this new version. The preceding example shows how to define a read only static field that is associated with the type itself. You can also define read/write static fields and read only and read/write instance fields, as shown here:
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// Box v and store the reference pointer in o. IL_0002: ldloc.0 IL_0003: box [mscorlib]System.Int32 IL_0008: stloc.1 // Load 123 into v. IL_0009: ldc.i4.s IL_000b: stloc.0
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Open the Windows SBS Console if it isn t already open. Select Security on the navigation bar. Click Updates, if it isn t on top, to display the Updates page. Click Synchronize Now on the Tasks pane to open the Software Updates Synchronize Now con rmation dialog box, shown in Figure 15-10.
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Redundancy also happens when the same information is presented both visually and in text because the same information is entering through two channels and the mind has to exert more effort to reconcile them. This reduces the ef ciency of working memory and can lead to the cognitive overload that so frustrates audiences. This inef cient duplication of information is unnecessary, because the verbal channel is perfectly capable of understanding the narration without the display of text to the visual channel.
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Lesson 4: Deploying the Internet Authentication Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-69
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<configuration> <system.web> <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms loginUrl="login.aspx" /> </authentication> <authorization> <deny users=" " /> </authorization> </system.web> </configuration>
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Viewing remote access policies
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For details on naming loop 6 variables, see Naming Loop 7 Indexes in Section 11.2.
Series 40
<CustomersOrders> <Customer custid="1" 03T00:00:00" /> <Customer custid="1" 13T00:00:00" /> <Customer custid="1" 16T00:00:00" /> <Customer custid="2" 18T00:00:00" /> <Customer custid="2" 04T00:00:00" /> </CustomersOrders> companyname="Customer NRZBB" orderid="10692" orderdate="2007-10companyname="Customer NRZBB" orderid="10702" orderdate="2007-10companyname="Customer NRZBB" orderid="10952" orderdate="2008-03companyname="Customer MLTDN" orderid="10308" orderdate="2006-09companyname="Customer MLTDN" orderid="10926" orderdate="2008-03-
Connecting Clients to Remote DHCP Servers
An access mask defines the actual permissions using a 32-bit structure.
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