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Respond to the CreateUserWizard.CreatedUser event to automatically send an email to the new user welcoming him or her to your website.
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Integrating MSU Files into a Windows Image File
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class App { static void Main() { StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); sb.AppendFormat(new BoldInt32s(), "{0} {1} {2:M}", "Jeff", 123, DateTime.Now); Console.WriteLine(sb); } }
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Table 7-14 DetailsView State Properties
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// Create a Deployment Diagnostic Manager for this target // storage account. DeploymentDiagnosticManager ddm = new DeploymentDiagnosticManager( storageAccount, deploymentId); ...
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Now, let s walk through an example that uses this interface . Let s say your program contains some DateTime objects that contain values that are local to the user s computer . What if you want to serialize the DateTime objects to a stream but you want the values to be serialized in universal time This would allow you to send the data over a network stream to another machine in another part of the world and have the DateTime value be correct . While you can t modify the DateTime type that ships with the FCL, you can define your own serialization surrogate class that can control how DateTime objects are serialized and deserialized . Here is how to define the surrogate class:
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Click to edit Key Point headline. If you need to change the contrast of the font
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Additionally, the authenticating server computer certificate must have the Server Authentication EKU (OID To view the EKU for a certificate in the Certificates snap-in, double-click the certificate in the contents pane, click the Details tab, and then click the Enhanced Key Usage field. Finally, to trust the certificate chain offered by the authenticating server, the calling router must have the root CA certificate of the issuing CA of the authenticating server certificate installed in its Certificates (Local Computer)\Trusted Root Certifi cation Authorities store. Notice that the calling router does not perform certificate revocation checking for the certificates in the certificate chain of the authenticating server s computer certif icate. The assumption is that the calling router does not yet have a connection to the network, and therefore might not have access to a Web page or other resource in order to check for certificate revocation.
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When you call this method, the waitObject argument identifies the kernel object that you want the thread pool to wait for . Since this parameter is of the abstract base class WaitHandle, you can specify any class derived from this base class . Specifically, you can pass a reference to a Semaphore, Mutex, AutoResetEvent, or ManualResetEvent object . The second parameter, callback, identifies the method that you want the thread pool thread to call . The callback method that you write must match the System.Threading. WaitOrTimerCallback delegate, which is defined as follows:
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Use the following code to register the function if you used Visual Basic to develop the routine:
The Anatomy of an ASPX Page
Furthermore, you ll notice the CLR offers an accessibility called Family and Assembly . However, C# doesn t expose this in the language . The C# team felt that this accessibility was for the most part useless and decided not to incorporate it into the C# language . When a derived type is overriding a member defined in its base type, the C# compiler requires that the original member and the overriding member have the same accessibility . That is, if the member in the base class is protected, the overriding member in the derived class must also be protected. However, this is a C# restriction, not a CLR restriction . When deriving from a base class, the CLR allows a member s accessibility to become less restrictive but not more restrictive . For example, a class can override a protected method defined in its base class and make the overridden method public (more accessible) . However, a class cannot override a protected method defined in its base class and make the overridden method private (less accessible) . The reason a class cannot make a base class method more restricted is because a user of the derived class could always cast to the base type and gain access to the base class s method . If the CLR allowed the derived type s method to be less accessible, it would be making a claim that was not enforceable .
Msg 1711, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Cannot define PRIMARY KEY constraint on column 'col2' in table 'T1'. The computed column has to be persisted and not nullable. Msg 1750, Level 16, State 0, Line 1 Could not create constraint. See previous errors.
Tip The only time you should consider installing Team Build on the same machine as Team Foundation Server is when building a virtual machine for demonstration or testing purposes where it is not practical to have a separate virtual machine acting as the build agent.
The default network settings in most cases produce a working network environment with minimal fuss and bother. However, you might want to modify some of the settings for your network.
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