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You ll recall that the compiler defined the Invoke method when it defined the Feedback class . When Invoke is called, it uses the private _target and _methodPtr fields to call the desired method on the specified object . Note that the signature of the Invoke method matches the signature of the delegate; because the Feedback delegate takes one Int32 parameter and returns void, the Invoke method (as produced by the compiler) takes one Int32 parameter and returns void .
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Adding Graphics to Your Storyboard
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Lesson 2
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DependentUpon Generator CustomToolNamespace
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FIGURE 23-13 The Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP) Properties dialog box
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We know you re eager to get into the details of how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 works and learn more about its great customization capabilities. Before we dive into those details, we need to cover some background information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and introduce some of the core concepts and terminology used throughout this book.
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part of the class s service contract
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Billing Customers
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This chapter covers various data-aggregation techniques, including using the OVER clause with aggregate functions, tiebreakers, running aggregates, pivoting, unpivoting, custom aggregations, histograms, grouping factors, and grouping sets. In my solutions in this chapter, I ll reuse techniques that I introduced earlier. I ll also introduce new techniques for you to familiarize yourself with. Logic will naturally be an integral element in the solutions. Remember that at the heart of every querying problem lies a logical puzzle.
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R&D #2 Windows Server 2003 router Hardware router Secure Subnet
The class is now sealed (although it doesn t have to be) . In fact, the class could be a static class or even a value type . The tool-produced code and the developer-produced code are really two partial definitions that ultimately make up one type definition . For more information about partial types, see the Partial Classes, Structures, and Interfaces section in 6, Type and Member Basics . The tool-produced code defined a partial method declaration . This method is marked with the partial token and it has no body . The developer-produced code implemented the partial method declaration . This method is also marked with the partial token and it has a body .
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Note For simplicity, you are dividing by 1000 instead of 1024.Therefore, the calculation will not be exact, but close enough for the purposes ofthis example.
they re called Important.) Here you ll nd security notes, cautions, and warnings to keep you and your network out of trouble.
9 Dynamic SQL
Advanced Security Settings and then click Configure.
A surprising number of programs use the Win32 Debugging API. These include the Visual Studio .NET debugger when debugging native code, which I cover in depth in 5 and 7; the Windows Debugger (WinDBG), which I discuss in 8; Compuware NuMega's BoundsChecker; the Platform SDK Depends program (which you can install as part of Visual Studio .NET); the Borland Delphi and C++ Builder debuggers; and the NT Symbolic Debugger (NTSD). I'm sure there are many more. Common Debugging Question: How can I protect my Win32 program from being debugged One of the most common requests I get from developers working on vertical market applications with proprietary algorithms is how can they protect those algorithms and keep their competitors from taking a peek at them with a debugger. Although you can call IsDebuggerPresent, which tells you whether a user-mode debugger is running, if someone has half a brain, the first thing she'll do when reverse engineering is patch IsDebuggerPresent to return 0 so that it appears as though no debugger is running. Although there's no perfect way to protect against a very determined hacker who has physical access to your binaries, you can at least make life a little more different for him at run time. Interestingly enough, the check that IsDebuggerPresent does to see whether a debugger is running on the process has been the same check in all Microsoft operating systems up to the time of this writing. There's no guarantee that it won't change, but the odds are good that it will stay the same for the future. The next bit of code is a function you can add to your code that does the same thing as IsDebuggerPresent. Of course, just adding that function won't make it impossible to debug your application. To make debugging tougher, you might want to look at interspersing innocuous instructions between the main instructions so that hackers can't simply search for the byte pattern of the IsDebuggerPresent code. A whole book can be written about anti-hacking techniques. However, if you can pass the "two-hour test," which is that it should take longer than two hours for an average developer to try to hack your application, your application is probably safe from all but the most determined and talented hackers. BOOL AntiHackIsDebuggerPresent ( void ) { BOOL bRet = TRUE ; __asm { // Get the Thread Information block (TIB). MOV EAX , FS:[00000018H] // 0x30 bytes into the TIB is a pointer field that // points to a structure related to debugging. MOV EAX , DWORD PTR [EAX+030H] // The second WORD in that debugging structure indicates // the process is being debugged. MOVZX MOV } 140 EAX , BYTE PTR [EAX+002H] bRet , EAX // Return the result.
By using the ExportParameters method, which returns a class representing the key information (either DSAParameters or RSAParameters) By using the ToXmlString method, which returns an XML description of the key pair
Part IV
/* Warnings don't abort execution if IS_WARNING_FATAL is false E_NOTICE and E_USER_NOTICE errors don't abort execution */ if (($errNo == E_WARNING && IS_WARNING_FATAL == false) || ($errNo == E_NOTICE || $errNo == E_USER_NOTICE)) // If the error is nonfatal ... { // Show message only if DEBUGGING is true if (DEBUGGING == true) echo '<pre>' . $error_message . '</pre>'; } else // If error is fatal ... { // Show error message if (DEBUGGING == true) echo '<pre>' . $error_message . '</pre>'; else echo SITE_GENERIC_ERROR_MESSAGE; // Stop processing the request exit; } } // Builds backtrace message public static function GetBacktrace($irrelevantFirstEntries) { $s = ''; $MAXSTRLEN = 64; $trace_array = debug_backtrace(); for ($i = 0; $i < $irrelevantFirstEntries; $i++) array_shift($trace_array); $tabs = sizeof($trace_array) - 1; foreach ($trace_array as $arr) { $tabs -= 1; if (isset ($arr['class'])) $s .= $arr['class'] . '.'; $args = array (); if (!empty ($arr['args']))
If you have a dual-core or multi-processor system, you can assign a process to a speci c processor but only after the process is already running. To do this, right-click the process on the Processes tab and choose Set Af nity. In the dialog box that appears:
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