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} function doStop(sender, args) { var meVid = sender.findName("vid"); meVid.Stop(); } function doPause(sender, args) { var meVid = sender.findName("vid"); meVid.Pause(); }
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Preparing and Producing Professional Results
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FIguRE 2-2 The Add Reference dialog box in Visual Studio
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17 Delegates
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(C) First Four (B) Multiples of B Grouping Value (Including 0) 256 240 = 16 0, 16, 32, 48 }
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Figure 4-17 shows how this is drawn on the screen.
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public class DetailsView : CompositeDataBoundControl, IPostBackContainer, IPostBackEventHandler, ICallbackContainer, ICallbackEventHandler, INamingContainer
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The Different Kinds of Type Members
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Table 10-3. The Path Class
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Tip Microsoft Dynamics CRM will let you have two or more dashboards with the same name.
Two more major components of Windows Server 2008 have a direct impact on securing your branch offices: Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) and BitLocker Drive Encryption.
Installing and Managing Printers
Minutes Server Can Remain Idle Before It Is Disconnected Minutes Client Can Be Connected Allow Access Only On These Days And At These Times Allow Access Only To This Number Allow Access Only Through These Media
The PAGEIOLATCH_SH wait type indicates waits on I/O for read operations. You can clearly see that, in our case, there are dramatic peaks every day around noon. Figure 3-3 has a pivot chart, showing graphically the distribution of all top wait types.
3. When do you need to increase conflict detection attempts on the DHCP server
When I execute Main, I get the following output:
Extending built-in SQL Server types with CLR user-defined types can be very useful for maintaining important constraints and building advanced knowledge in the types . This knowledge can simplify T-SQL and client code that deals with values of the UDT . However, coding a CLR UDT is not simple . In addition to prescribed methods and properties, you can implement your own . Do not forget to inform SQL Server about intended behavior of your type . You can do this by decorating the type and its methods with attributes . I have shown you how to use the SqlUserDefinedType, SqlFacet, and SqlMethod attributes . You ll use the knowledge from this chapter in the next chapter, where I ll show how you can use an interval CLR UDT to simplify problems with temporal data in SQL Server .
DisplayRowValues(sprocReader); } }
Incidentally, this all concerns the following question, which quite often must be answered: how can we obtain consistent information from inconsistent data Naturally, numerous database solutions can provide an adequate answer to this question . Within Excel alone, there are many different sophisticated variants, some of which may or may not require programming . However, this also includes a model that is secure in any application and easy for anyone to create, namely the model of a dynamic, non-programmed presentation solution . I will describe how this can work below . However, first take a look at the result . On the Companion CD Open the file \Samples\3Years.xlsx on the CD-ROM . The Focus 1 worksheet in the file 3Years.xlsx is designed for the Full screen presentation view and is protected without a password .
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