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In the preceding section, both the int and string fields were serialized. .NET provides support for selecting fields to be omitted from the persistent data. Fields marked with the NonSerialized attribute will not be persisted. The following code fragment demonstrates the use of this attribute to indicate that the int field should not be serialized for the SimpleClass type:
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As was stated previously, each logger must interpret what the logger verbosity means. In the two preceding methods, you can see that in a few locations the verbosity is checked before actions are performed. An example of attaching the XmlLogger to a build is shown in Figure 5-11.
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using System.Web.Mvc; using System.Web.Routing; public static class AppRoutes { public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes) { routes.MapRoute( "Home",
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publish your solution to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketplace, you will need to enter this information for the publisher to pass the Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) test.
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Creating Custom Alerts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .518
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If the client makes a second call to the Web service, it obtains a new token from the issuer, unless it cached the token obtained at the rst call.
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There are a number of options that control how Group Policy deploys and manages software packages. These options determine how packages are added to the GPO, the amount of control users have over an installation, and the default application for a given le extension, as well as which categories you can use for grouping applications. The following sections cover these options.
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GetThreadContext ( hThread , &stCtx ) ; while ( TRUE == StackWalk ( . . . &stFrame . . . ) ) { // Set the context information to indicate which locals you want to // enumerate. SymSetContext ( hProcess , &stFrame , &stCtx ) ; // Enumerate the locals. SymEnumSymbols ( hProcess , // Value passed to SymInitialize. 0 across DLLs. NULL NULL==all. EnumFunc , // The callback function. NULL callback. } The callback function passed to SymEnumSymbols gets a SYMBOL_INFO structure, as shown in the following code. If all you want is basic information for the symbol, such as the address and its name, the SYMBOL_INFO structure is all you need. Additionally, the Flags field will tell you whether the symbol is a local or a parameter. typedef struct _SYMBOL_INFO { ULONG ULONG ULONG64 ULONG ULONG ULONG64 ULONG ULONG64 ULONG64 ULONG ULONG ULONG ULONG ULONG CHAR SizeOfStruct; TypeIndex; Reserved[2]; Reserved2; Size; ModBase; Flags; Value; Address; Register; Scope; Tag; NameLen; MaxNameLen; Name[1]; ); // User context passed to , // RegExp mask to search for, , // DLL base, set to zero to look
To return to viewing your own computer s log files, right-click the top-level entry in the console tree, click Connect To Another Computer, and select Local Computer .
using System; public class AsyncSumClient { static void Main(string[] p_args) { Sum x_sum = new Sum(); AsyncCallback x_callback = new AsyncCallback(AsyncSumClient.SumCallBack); x_sum.BeginsumNumbers(10, 20, x_callback, x_sum); Console.ReadLine(); } static void SumCallBack(IAsyncResult p_callback) { Sum x_sum = (Sum)p_callback.AsyncState; int x_result = x_sum.EndsumNumbers(p_callback); System.Console.WriteLine("Result: " + x_result); } }
JeffTypes.dll (no IL) Metadata (No definition or reference tables) Manifest Assembly files (self, RUT.netmodule, and FUT.netmodule) Public assembly types (RUT.netmodule and FUT.netmodule)
FigURE 12-26 Some of the key classes related to ASP.NET Dynamic Data.
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