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Development QR in .NET A First Look at Delegates

Using INTO with Set Operations
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In this chapter, we ve only scratched the surface of Sinatra s feature set. The best way to learn is by writing Sinatra code (especially since, as you ve seen, it s so easy to start!) and, importantly, looking at other people s code. Many of Sinatra s tricks are really Ruby tricks at heart because of Sinatra s simplicity and use of Ruby idioms.
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Let s start by looking at the ConferenceDAO interfaces for the TechConf application. As you can see in Listing 5-4, the interface provides some CRUD methods as well as some specific finder methods for Conference and Room objects. Listing 5-4. ConferenceDAO Interface package com.integrallis.techconf.dao; import java.util.Date; import java.util.List; import com.integrallis.techconf.domain.Conference; import com.integrallis.techconf.domain.Room; public interface ConferenceDAO { Conference getConference(int conferenceId); Conference getConferenceByName(String name); List<Conference> getActiveConferences(Date beginDate, Date endDate); List<Conference> getActiveConferences(Date date); List<Conference> getAllConferences(); List<Room> getRooms(int venueId); void void void void } Listing 5-5 shows the BaseAbstractDAO class, which will serve as the base class for all of the Hibernate-specific DAO SLSBs. This class provides simplified methods against the Hibernate Session object and hides certain details of more complex Hibernate APIs like the Criteria API. Since the Hibernate DAOs depend on a Hibernate SessionFactory, we inject the Hibernate SessionFactory object via the @Resource annotation (javax.annotation.Resource). It also provides the ability to retrieve the Session object via the getCurrentSession() when working in a JTAenabled environment like the JBoss AS or via the openSession() method when working in a non-JTA environment. Methods wrapping the usage of the Criteria API are provided to findAll(), findFiltered(), findUnique(), and findUniqueFiltered(). These methods enable developers less experienced with Hibernate to quickly create DAO implementations. Since the TechConf application is using a very stateless architecture, the DAO layer doesn t have to deal with lazy transaction issues or detached domain objects, which would make the implementation slightly more complex. Also notice that we use the getCurrentSession() method, which should avoid using a new Hibernate Session per operation. That can lead to poor performance. The SESSION_RETRIEVAL_ STRATEGY_CREATE_NEW strategy is used mostly in the application s unit tests. save(Conference conference); update(Conference conference); delete(Conference conference); delete(int conferenceId);
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Lesson 2
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The tool that sets the format of the next and previous navigation controls. This can be set to CustomText (the default), FullMonth (for example, January), or ShortMonth (for example, Jan). The style to be applied to the next and previous navigation controls. The tool that specifies the style for days on the calendar that are displayed and are not in the current month. The text to be displayed in the previous month navigation control, which by default is <. This navigational control is only displayed if the ShowNextPrevMonth property is true. The date selected by the user. A collection of DateTime values that represents all of the dates that were selected by the user. This property contains only a single date if the SelectionMode property is set to CalendarSelectionMode.Day, which allows only single date selection. The style of the selected day. A value that indicates how many dates can be selected. This value can be Day, DayWeek, DayWeekMonth, or None. The text displayed for the month selection column. The default value is >>. The style for the week and month selectors. The text of the week selection in the week selector. An indicator that determines whether the day header should be displayed. An indicator that determines whether grid lines should be displayed. An indicator that determines whether the next and previous month selectors should be displayed. An indicator that determines whether the title should be displayed. A tool that sets the format for displaying the month (Month), or the month and year (MonthYear). The style for the title. The style of today s date. Today s date.
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<script type="text/javascript" src="Silverlight.supportedUserAgent.js"></script>
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HTTP 401 WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate Kerberos ticket request
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4. Configure the interface attached to the subnet containing ROUTER2 with the following values:
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Part I Fundamentals
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<TextBlock Style="{StaticResource TextBlockStyle}" Foreground="Black"> </TextBlock>
When you use the CreateItem task you need to specify a value for the Include property. This is the same property that you will use with the Output element to place the value into the include attribute of a new or existing item in the build script. Now let s move on to see how this works. To demonstrate dynamic items we will start with a simple example, as in the following Dynamic03.proj le.
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public partial class UsePalindromeCheckerControls : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { this.PalindromeCheckerRenderedControl1.Text = this.TextBox1.Text; } }
Core Facilities
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