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Figure 11-10 How it would be, how it was, and how it is now
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To check your backup history, open the SBS Console and click Backup And Server Storage. Highlight the server to view and choose View Backup History to open the Server Backup Properties dialog box. Select Backup History in the left pane and a list of previous backups displays.
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search mechanism within Administrative Templates for showing only those policy items that meet your filter criteria. To access this feature, right-click the Administrative Templates node from within the Group Policy editor and choose Filter Options. You will see the dialog shown in Figure 7-9.
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Under most circumstances, you should avoid calling any of the Collect methods; it s best just to let the garbage collector run on its own accord and fine tune its generation thresholds based on actual application behavior. However, if you re writing a CUI or GUI application, your application code "owns" the process and the CLR in that process. For these application types, you might want to force a garbage collection to occur at certain times. For example, it might make sense for your application to force a full garbage collection of all generations after the user saves a data file. I d also imagine Internet browsers performing a full collection each time a page is unloaded. You might also want to force a garbage collection when your application is performing other lengthy operations. The basic idea here is to hide the time 385
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Although attributes and namespaces are considered nodes, they are not navigable using the node navigation methods discussed in the preceding section. Instead, XPathNavigator implements methods specifically for navigating the attributes and namespaces contained in the current node. Using these methods makes an attribute or namespace node the current node and makes information available through the properties of the XPathNavigator instance as
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12. Update index.php by adding the new interface elements: // Load search result page if we're searching the catalog if (isset ($_GET['Search'])) $pageContentsCell = 'search_results.tpl'; // Load product details page if visiting a product if (isset ($_GET['ProductID'])) $pageContentsCell = 'product.tpl'; if (isset ($_GET['CartAction'])) { $pageContentsCell = 'cart_details.tpl'; } else $cartSummaryCell = 'cart_summary.tpl'; // Customer account functionality $customerLoginOrLogged = 'customer_login.tpl'; if (Customer::IsAuthenticated()) $customerLoginOrLogged = 'customer_logged.tpl'; if (isset($_GET['RegisterCustomer']) || isset($_GET['UpdateAccountDetails'])) $pageContentsCell = 'customer_details.tpl'; elseif (isset($_GET['UpdateAddressDetails'])) $pageContentsCell = 'customer_address.tpl'; elseif (isset($_GET['UpdateCreditCardDetails'])) $pageContentsCell = 'customer_credit_card.tpl'; $page->assign('customerLoginOrLogged', $customerLoginOrLogged); // Assign a template file to the cart summary cell $page->assign('cartSummaryCell', $cartSummaryCell); // Assign a template file to the page contents cell $page->assign('pageContentsCell', $pageContentsCell); $page->assign('categoriesCell', $categoriesCell); // Display the page $page->display('index.tpl');
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Charts are probably the most common dashboard component you will use they provide simple visualization of the data you are displaying. When you insert a chart into a dashboard, you can customize the following features:
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Sample of C# Code using System; using System.Web; using System.Threading; public class AsynchImageHandler : IHttpAsyncHandler { public bool IsReusable { get { return false; } } public AsynchImageHandler() { } public IAsyncResult BeginProcessRequest(HttpContext context, AsyncCallback cb, object extraData) { context.Response.Write("<p>BeginProcessRequest starting ...</p>"); ImageAsynchOperation imageOperation = new ImageAsynchOperation(cb, context, extraData); imageOperation.StartAsync(); context.Response.Write("<p>BeginProcessRequest queued ...</p>"); return imageOperation; } public void EndProcessRequest(IAsyncResult result) { //process any cleanup code here } public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context) { throw new InvalidOperationException(); } } class ImageAsynchOperation : IAsyncResult { private bool _completed; private object _state; private AsyncCallback _callback; private HttpContext _context; public ImageAsynchOperation(AsyncCallback callback, HttpContext context, object state) { _callback = callback; _context = context; _state = state; _completed = false; }
How It Works: The Catalog Search Functionality
that allow the remote access client to access name resolution servers (such as DNS), file shares, or Web sites to allow the user to get a client computer up to organization policies. For instance, if one of the organization s manda tory policies is to have the most current virus signature files, the IPFilters can allow the user access to a store where she can grab the new signature file. Give users just enough access to get up to compliance in quarantine mode. One way to simplify quarantine resources is to set up a separate quarantine subnet with all the resources required and not allow access to any internal resources until remote access client pass their quarantine tests. More Info The Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tools are currently available at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/techinfo/reskit/resource kit.mspx.
this from a website and therefore host in IIS. However, you are not taking advantage of the ASP.NET programming model in this case.
18 Con guring and Managing E-Mail
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