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2. Use a run-time type conversion to convert the current principal object from IPrincipal to the type IClaimsPrincipal. Because a-Expense is now a claims-aware application, the run-time conversion is guaranteed to succeed. 3. Use the Identities property of the IClaimsPrincipal interface to retrieve a collection of identities that apply to the claims principal object from the previous step. The object that is returned is an instance of the ClaimsIdentityCollection class. Note that a claims principal may have more than one identity, although this feature is not used in the a-Expense application. 4. Retrieve the rst identity in the collection. To do this, use the collection s indexer property with 0 as the index. The object that is returned from this lookup is the current user s claims-based identity. The object has type IClaimsIdentity. 5. Retrieve a claims collection object from the claims identity object with the Claims property of the IClaimsIdentity interface. The object that is returned is an instance of the ClaimsCollection class. It represents the set of claims that apply to the claims identity object from the previous step. 6. At this point, if you iterate through the claims collection, you can select a claim whose claim type matches the one you are looking for. The following expression is an example of how to do this.
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You can also apply this attribute to an interface, a constructor, a structure, a class, or an assembly to affect the members inside it .
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private static UInt64 Sum(UInt64 n) { UInt64 sum = 0; for (UInt64 i = 1; i <= n; i++) { checked { // I use checked code so that an OverflowException gets // thrown if the sum doesn't fit in a UInt64. sum += i; } } return sum; }
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The Server s Role in Desktop Control and Management
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Msg 10507, Level 16, State 1, Procedure GetOrders, Line 2 Cannot create plan guide 'PG_GetOrders_Selective' because the statement specified by @stmt and @module_or_batch, or by @plan_handle and @statement_start_offset, does not match any statement in the specified module or batch. Modify the values to match a statement in the module or batch.
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Customize the service s local execution, managing execution aspects such as security, instance lifetime, and threading
Select only the ones you need to modify and click OK when nished.
CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX idx_cid_eid ON #CustsEmps(custid, empid); GO WITH Agg AS ( SELECT custid, MIN(empid) AS MN, MAX(empid) AS MX, COUNT(*) AS CN, SUM(empid) AS SM, CHECKSUM_AGG(empid) AS CS FROM #CustsEmps GROUP BY custid ), AggJoin AS ( SELECT A1.custid AS cust1, A2.custid AS cust2, A1.CN FROM Agg AS A1 JOIN Agg AS A2 ON A2.custid <= A1.custid AND A2.MN = A1.MN AND A2.MX = A1.MX AND A2.CN = A1.CN AND A2.SM = A1.SM AND A2.CS = A1.CS ), CustGrp AS ( SELECT cust1, MIN(cust2) AS grp FROM AggJoin AS AJ WHERE CN = (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM #CustsEmps AS C1 JOIN #CustsEmps AS C2 ON C1.custid = AJ.cust1 AND C2.custid = AJ.cust2 AND C2.empid = C1.empid) GROUP BY cust1 ) SELECT custid, grp FROM Sales.Customers AS C LEFT OUTER JOIN CustGrp AS G ON C.custid = G.cust1 ORDER BY grp, custid; GO DROP TABLE #CustsEmps;
System.Exception System.AggregateException System.ApplicationException System.Reflection.InvalidFilterCriteriaException System.Reflection.TargetException System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException System.Reflection.TargetParameterCountException System.Threading.WaitHandleCannotBeOpenedException System.InvalidTimeZoneException System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageException System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeWrappedException System.SystemException System.AccessViolationException System.AppDomainUnloadedException System.ArgumentException System.ArgumentNullException System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException System.DuplicateWaitObjectException System.Globalization.CultureNotFoundException System.Text.DecoderFallbackException System.Text.EncoderFallbackException System.ArithmeticException System.DivideByZeroException System.NotFiniteNumberException System.OverflowException System.ArrayTypeMismatchException System.BadImageFormatException System.CannotUnloadAppDomainException System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException System.ContextMarshalException System.DataMisalignedException System.ExecutionEngineException System.FormatException System.Reflection.CustomAttributeFormatException System.IndexOutOfRangeException System.InsufficientExecutionStackException System.InvalidCastException System.InvalidOperationException System.ObjectDisposedException System.InvalidProgramException System.IO.IOException System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException System.IO.DriveNotFoundException System.IO.EndOfStreamException System.IO.FileLoadException System.IO.FileNotFoundException System.IO.PathTooLongException System.MemberAccessException System.FieldAccessException
Implementing the Objectives in Our Example
date the computer certificate of the VPN or IAS server, select Validate Server Certificate. If you want to configure the names of the authenticating servers, select Connect To These Servers and type the server names. To require the server s computer certificate to have been issued a certificate from a specific set of trusted root CAs, select them in Trusted Root Certification Authorities. To configure EAP-TLS authentication on the VPN server, EAP must be enabled as an authentication type on the Authentication Methods dialog box available from the Security tab in the properties of the VPN server in the Routing And Remote Access snap-in. To configure EAP-TLS authentication on the remote access policy, on the remote access policy that is being used for VPN connections, the Smart Card Or Other Cer tificate EAP type must be added to the selected EAP providers from the Authentica tion tab on the policy s profile settings. If the computer on which the remote access policy is being configured has multiple computer certificates installed, configure the properties of the Smart Card Or Other Certificate EAP type and select the appropri ate computer certificate to submit during the EAP-TLS authentication process.
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IL_004f: call [mscorlib]System.Int32::ToString() IL_0054: IL_0055: IL_0056: IL_0057: IL_0058: IL_005d: IL_005e: IL_005f: stelem.ref nop ldloc.2 ldc.i4.5 ldstr stelem.ref nop ldloc.2 "\r\n"
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