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The main advantages of the Waterfall method are its simplicity and the fact that everything is documented and agreed upon with the customer. This leads to some important benefits: Because everything is planned from the start, it s easy for the project manager to correctly estimate project costs and timelines. The rigorous initial planning makes the project goals clear. All requirements are analyzed and validated by the customer, so the customer can estimate the benefits incurred by the software application before it s actually implemented.
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FIGURE 3-21 Presenting a BBP slide using a Tablet PC.
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As project size increases, communication needs to be supported. The point of most methodologies is to reduce communications problems, and a methodology should live or die on its merits as a communication facilitator.
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class AutoEvent { AutoResetEvent o_event = new AutoResetEvent(false); public AutoEvent() { Thread x_thread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(run)); x_thread.Start(); while (true) { if (Console.Read() == 's') { o_event.Set(); } } } public void run() { while (true) { o_event.WaitOne(); Console.WriteLine("Event signalled"); } }
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No disruption or change to SBS client computers. No disruption in e-mail or other network functions except for the nal switchover, which can easily be done during normal downtimes. Most work is done of ine and can be done on a exible schedule. Full data and con guration protection. The ability to restart the process at any point in time with no risk of data loss if there is a problem. Unfortunately, Swing Migration as it exists for SBS 2003 will not completely work for SBS 2008, although we can see some de nite bene ts to using a similar process. It certainly covers the server name and IP address change issue, and we can envision how to work around most of the possible e-mail issues. We expect that Jeff Middleton, Microsoft MVP for SBS and principal of www.sbsmigration.com, will have a full version of Swing Migration for SBS 2008 soon, and we expect it to be a very good offering, especially if your migration project is not a perfect t for the Microsoft assumptions. We ve known Jeff for several years now, and even though his nal version of Swing isn t yet available, we have enough con dence in him to recommend it fully. Because, ultimately, what you really need for any migration is just that con dence.
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uppercase: GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY . However, the case-sensitivity or not of these types and their methods deserves some attention .
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Code Folding
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ENAME YEARSAL -------- -------ALLEN 19500 TURNER 18000 MARTIN 16400 WARD 15500 When sorting, null values cause trouble (when don t they, by the way ). How should columns with missing information be sorted The rows need to go somewhere, so you need to decide. You have four options as to how to treat null values when sorting: Always as first values (regardless of the sorting order) Always as last values (regardless of the sorting order) As low values (lower than any existing value) As high values (higher than any existing value)
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Case Scenario Exercise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-46
Part I
The child site map file has the same structure as the parent and begins with a root <siteMap> node.
CHECKLIST: Control-Structure Issues
The most fundamental type of collection is the array. The use of arrays in .NET is similar to that in Java, with one significant enhancement: all arrays derive from the System.Array class. By deriving all arrays from the System.Array class, .NET provides useful functionality for array creation and manipulation. Although Java arrays are technically classed as objects, the language exposes methods only from the java.lang.Object class. Predominantly, arrays are created, assigned, and accessed using the integral language support provided by C#. For example:
Blind faith in one method precludes the selectivity you need if you re to find the most effective solutions to programming problems. If software development were a deterministic, algorithmic process, you could follow a rigid methodology to your solution. Software development isn t a deterministic process, however. It s heuristic which means that rigid processes are inappropriate and have little hope of success. In design, for example, sometimes top-down decomposition works well. Sometimes an object-oriented approach, a bottom-up composition, or a data-structure approach works better. You have to be willing to try several approaches, knowing that some will fail and some will succeed but not knowing which ones will work until after you try them. You have to be eclectic. Adherence to a single method is also harmful in that it makes you force-fit the problem to the solution. If you decide on the solution method before you fully understand the problem, you act prematurely. You over-constrain the set of possible solutions, and you might rule out the most effective solution. You ll be uncomfortable with any new methodology initially, and the advice that you avoid religion in programming isn t meant to suggest that you should stop using a new method as soon as you have a little trouble solving a problem with it. Give the new method a fair shake, but give the old methods their fair shakes too.
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