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Routing with Windows Server 2003
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Tested with both a black box and white box approach. And much, much more Those bullet points are all interesting to the engineering team, but the customer doesn't care about any of them. Customers only care if the product solves a problem for them and works in the way they expect. If you consider software quality to be the value it provides to the user, most test activities don't directly improve software quality. Despite this, testing is indeed valuable (or I wouldn't be writing this book). So, what does testing do
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To discover and resolve problems, Windows Vista uses the new Network Diagnostics Framework (NDF). When a network-dependent activity (for example, browsing to a website) fails, NDF automatically springs into action. NDF is designed to address the most common network-related issues, such as problems with file-sharing, website access, newly installed network hardware, connecting to a wireless network, and using a third-party firewall.
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The Importance of Looking Good
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(i1 = i2) (i1 before i2) (i1 after i2) (i1 i2) (i1 i2) (i1 meets i2) (i1 overlaps i2) (i1 merges i2) (i1 begins i2) (i1 ends i2)
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void M3() { Employee e; Int32 year; e = new Manager(); e = Employee.Lookup("Joe"); year = e.GetYearsEmployed(); e.GenProgressReport(); }
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In addition to being accessible from different areas of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application, E-mail templates have the following unique features:
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The following exercise illustrates creating separate versions of cached content based on how the user identifies himself or herself .
Lesson 3: Using Web Parts
AssemblyRef #2 Token: 0x23000002 Public Key or Token: b0 3f 5f 7f 11 d5 0a 3a Name: Microsoft.VisualBasic Major Version: 0x00000007 Minor Version: 0x00000000 Build Number: 0x00000000 Revision Number: 0x00000000 Locale: <null>
Figure 28-2 By spanning two physical hard disks, you can create a very large volume.
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