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Figure 19-4: Initiating a new configuration from the Configuration Manager dialog box 674
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A generational garbage collector also assumes that objects that have lived a long time will continue to live . So it s likely that the objects in generation 1 will continue to be reachable from the application . Therefore, if the garbage collector were to examine the objects in generation 1, it probably wouldn t find a lot of garbage . As a result, it wouldn t be able to reclaim much memory . So it is likely that collecting generation 1 is a waste of time . If any garbage happens to be in generation 1, it just stays there . The heap now looks like Figure 21-11 .
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Note: To avoid cross-domain call issues, the remote modules .xap files should be located on the same domain as the main application. When deployed in this way, the Ref property on the ModuleCatalog should be a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) relative to the main .xap file location on the web server. In addition to publishing or locating the .xap files in the hosting website, the hosting web page must refer to the shell application .xap file in its object tag source parameter. Because the hosting page should be part of the same site that the .xap files are placed in for cross-domain reasons, the path specified in the host page should be a relative path, as shown in the following code example.
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If you have colleagues who are also using BBP, consider pooling your resources to create a BBP design library. If your organization uses Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, you could use it to create a collaborative Web site for people who are willing to share their PowerPoint les. For example, you could create document library folders labeled Key Point Layouts And Slide Examples, Explanation Layouts And Slide Examples, and Detail Layouts And Slide Examples. Anyone who created a presentation using one of those design techniques would then post it in the corresponding folder. You and the members of your team would no longer have to begin presentations from scratch; instead, you d have a library of ideas ready for you to check out. If your organization uses Microsoft Of ce SharePoint 2007 and enables the Slide Library feature, you will nd additional features that you can use to share and collaborate using your BBP slides.
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A Show Of Hands"); Exit Stage Left"); Rush In Rio"); R30");
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1. In the assembly that implements the type bly t (Console), look up the metho (Writ , method iteLine) being called in the metadata. alled 2. From the metadata, get the IL for this method. me 3. Allocate a block of memory. ate mem 4. Compile the IL into native CPU instructions; pile instruction the native code is saved in the memo ative memory allocated in step 3. ated 5. Modify the method s entry in the Type s table so fy t that it now points to the memory block allocated a in step 3. 6. Jump to the native code contained in e inside the memory block. k
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After you ve installed PHP you can test it by putting together an extremely simple PHP , program. Open a text editor (such as Notepad) and enter the following line:
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Note Just before invoking a method, you could check for ample stack space by calling
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Exam Tip
Notice in the plan that the Ordered property of the Index Scan operator in the yellow information box shows True.
One-to-many Many-to-one Many-to-many
Part IV
CHAPTER 7: Developing with HTML5
internal sealed class PipeServer { // Each server object performs asynchronous operations on this pipe private readonly NamedPipeServerStream m_pipe = new NamedPipeServerStream( "Echo", PipeDirection.InOut, -1, PipeTransmissionMode.Message, PipeOptions.Asynchronous | PipeOptions.WriteThrough); public PipeServer() { // Asynchronously accept a client connection m_pipe.BeginWaitForConnection(ClientConnected, null); } private void ClientConnected(IAsyncResult result) { // A client connected, let's accept another client new PipeServer(); // Accept another client // Accept the client connection m_pipe.EndWaitForConnection(result); // Asynchronously read a request from the client Byte[] data = new Byte[1000]; m_pipe.BeginRead(data, 0, data.Length, GotRequest, data); } private void GotRequest(IAsyncResult result) { // The client sent us a request, process it. Int32 bytesRead = m_pipe.EndRead(result); Byte[] data = (Byte[])result.AsyncState; // My sample server just changes all the characters to uppercase // But, you can replace this code with any compute-bound operation data = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes( Encoding.UTF8.GetString(data, 0, bytesRead).ToUpper().ToCharArray()); // Asynchronously send the response back to the client m_pipe.BeginWrite(data, 0, data.Length, WriteDone, null); } private void WriteDone(IAsyncResult result) { // The response was sent to the client, close our side of the connection m_pipe.EndWrite(result); m_pipe.Close(); } }
You can think of joins as horizontal operations between tables, generating a virtual table that contains columns from both tables. This section covers vertical operations between tables, including UNION, EXCEPT, and INTERSECT. Any mention of set operations in this section refers to these vertical operations.
HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)asyncResult.AsyncState;
DHCP: End of this option field
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