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Reduce the scope of the project The powerful technique of reducing the scope of the project is often overlooked. If you eliminate a feature, you eliminate the design, coding, debugging, testing, and documentation of that feature. You eliminate that feature s interface to other features. download
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To update a ribbon with your changes, you need to reference the definitions of the default ribbons. For example, if you want to hide the Convert Lead button in the Leads ribbon, you need to know the unique identifier of the Convert Button element to remove it. You can find the identifier in the baseline ribbon XML for the Lead entity. Because you need to reference the definitions to customize the ribbons, it s important that you understand the current ribbon definitions in the system. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK provides a couple of tools to assist you with this exercise. First, you can access the default ribbon definitions in the SDK\SampleCode\CS\Client\Ribbon\ExportRibbonXml\ ExportedRibbonXml folder. Figure 12-16 shows a partial sample of the default AccountRibbon.xml file.
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File Logger
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The Data Source Object Model
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11 Solutions: Web Resources
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Figure 1-6 shows a map of the projects and tools used to build TechConf and how they relate to each other and to the different tiers and functional concerns of the application.
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Creating the process
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3 Then, create an HTML prompt for the not supported scenario and load it into a JavaScript var:
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wants to play by the old rules . That is, tell the CLR that your catch (Exception) blocks should not catch an instance of the new RuntimeWrappedException class . And instead, the CLR should unwrap the non CLS-compliant object and call your code only if you have a catch block that doesn t specify any type at all . You tell the CLR that you want the old behavior by applying an instance of the RuntimeCompatibilityAttribute to your assembly like this:
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Lists Lists come in various formats for presenting and storing list-based information, including:
Controlling Other Display Elements
garbage collected prematurely . I use the Timer class in this discussion because it has special behavior that no other class exhibits . The problem/feature of Timer is that the existence of a Timer object in the heap causes something else to happen: A thread pool thread invokes a method periodically . No other type exhibits this behavior . For example, the existence of a String object in memory doesn t cause anything else to happen; the string just sits there . So, I use Timer to show how roots work and how object-lifetime works as related to the debugger, but the discussion is not really about how to keep objects alive . All non-Timer objects will live as needed by the application automatically .
Most languages support some means of exiting from a routine partway through the routine. The return and exit statements are control constructs that enable a program to exit from a routine at will. They cause the routine to terminate through the normal exit channel, returning control to the calling routine. The word return is used here as a generic term for return in C++ and Java, Exit Sub and Exit Function in Visual Basic, and similar constructs. Here are guidelines for using the return statement:
When you enable field security, no user can access that field until you explicitly give him or her permission. However, users with the System Administrator security role will always have full access to all secured fields in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Model-Based Software Testing and Analysis with C# by Jonathan Jacky, Margus Veanes, Colin Campbell, and Wolfram Schulte Practical Model-Based Testing: A Tools Approach by Mark Utting and Bruno Legeard Testing Object Oriented Systems by Robert Binder Spec Explorer, NModel Modeling tool,
Note: Prism provides extensive support for navigation within regions. Region navigation uses a mechanism very similar to the preceding approach, except that the region manager is responsible for coordinating the instantiation and placement of the view in the specific region. For more information, see the section, View-Based Navigation in 8, Navigation.
<Rectangle Height="100" Width="100" Stroke="#FF000000" Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" StrokeThickness="5" RenderTransformOrigin="0.5,0.5"> <Rectangle.RenderTransform> <TransformGroup> <ScaleTransform ScaleX="1.25" ScaleY="1.25"/> </TransformGroup> </Rectangle.RenderTransform> </Rectangle>
Persistent vs. On-Demand Connection
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