c# create barcode Part II Designing Types in .NET

Generate QR in .NET Part II Designing Types

conventions as the Perl version.
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=YEAR ([CloseDate]) =MONTH ([CloseDate]) =DAY ([CloseDate]) =TIME([Column1], [Column2], [Column3]) =HOUR ([CloseDate]) =MINUTE ([CloseDate]) =SECOND ([CloseDate])
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NumberFormatInfo nfi = (NumberFormatInfo) formatProvider.GetFormat(typeof(NumberFormatInfo));
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checking if a user is authorized to perform a task
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You re now going to start working with a file whose standard theme has already been defined, and which you don t need to change . However, if creating your own, new solution, proceed as follows before you do anything else: 1. Open a new, blank worksheet, and select the Page Layout tab in the Ribbon . In the Themes group, click the Themes button . 2. In the overview displayed, click the theme you want to assign to your workbook as the default theme, together with its colors, fonts, and effects .
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USE tempdb; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.T1', IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.T2', IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.T3', IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.T4', GO
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Part I Fundamentals
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Constraints are rules that apply to data tables and make up part of the data integrity rules of the database. The database takes care of its own integrity and makes sure these rules aren t broken. If, for example, you try to add two identical values for a column that has a PRIMARY KEY constraint, the database refuses the operation and generates an error. We ll do some experiments later in this chapter to show this.
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Silverlight 4 added support for the Command property to all Hyperlink-derived and ButtonBase-derived controls, allowing them to be bound directly to command objects in the same way that they are in WPF. The use of the Command property for these controls is described in the section, Commands, in 5, Implementing the MVVM Pattern. However, Prism command behaviors remain in the Prism Library for backward compatibility reasons and to support the development of custom behaviors, as described later in this chapter.
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Using GetString with an ordinal (a 0-based number representing the relative column number in the result set) is something you ve seen before. The second table cell contains dr.GetDecimal(1).ToString( C ). What this does is to first get the 1 s column data (the second column) as a decimal and convert it to a string, using ToString. The ToString method is passed a format string, in this case, C , which means that the value is formatted as currency. One more bit of code might require some explanation, although it s totally unrelated to calling stored procedures. The InitializeComponent method has one line that I ve added, shown here: private void InitializeComponent() { this.Load += new System.EventHandler(this.Page_Load); // I added this this.Unload += new System.EventHandler(this.Page_Unload); } The added line uses the += operator to add the Page_Unload method as an event handler for the Unload event on this form. Visual Basic .NET uses a Handles MyBase.Unload syntax appended to the method declaration to allow a method to handle one of the events in the page s life cycle. This is just one of the many areas in which C# and Visual Basic .NET differ. The examples of stored procedures in the Northwind database don t adequately demonstrate inserting, updating, and deleting rows, so I created a couple of stored procedures of my own. The first is named spSaveTerritory, and the second is named spDeleteTerritory. A script to create both is shown in Listing 8-7. Listing 8-7 Stored procedures to save or delete a territory in the Northwind database
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Firefox and Internet Explorer, not different windows of the same browser).
Compile Configuration
The Chart Control
Default Server: computer1.domain1.local Address: Set options: nodebug defname search recurse
Editing Account Information
Part V
FIGURE 11-4 Creating a new volume on an unallocated disk
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