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Msg 6522, Level 16, State 2, Line 1 A .NET Framework error occurred during execution of user defined routine or aggregate 'ComplexNumberCS': System.ArgumentException: Invalid format for complex number. Format is ( n, mi ) where n and m are floating point numbers in normal (not scientific) format (nnnnnn.nn). System.ArgumentException: at ComplexNumberCS.Parse(SqlString sqlString) . The statement has been terminated.
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Part I:
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the First real Conversation
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The XmlTextReader class provides the most direct .NET alternative to a Java nonvalidating SAXParser. The XmlTextReader ensures that an XML document is well formed but will not perform validation against a DTD or an XML schema. The XmlTextReader is a concrete implementation of the abstract XmlReader class but also provides a number of nonoverridden members, which we highlight as they are discussed.
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Virtual Path web.config contains settings to apply to this virtual path
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Using the Services utility available from Administrative Tools in Control Panel, the two services can be seen listed as Log Beacon 1 and Log Beacon 2. Using the Services tool, they
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An iteration is a control structure that causes a group of statements to be executed multiple times. An iteration is commonly referred to as a loop. Kinds of iterations include For-Next in Visual Basic, and while and for in C++ and Java. The code fragment below shows examples of iteration in Visual Basic:
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System.Reflection.AssemblyProductAttribute . System.Reflection. AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute .
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Let ~ be a relation on the universal set U. In other words, let u ~ v have a well-de ned truth value whenever u and v are elements of U. The relation ~ is said to be re exive, irre exive, symmetric, antisymmetric, or transitive according to the following de nitions:
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to stop responding . And, sometimes applications would have a bug in them, resulting in an infinite loop that also stopped the entire machine from operating . At this point, the end user would have no choice but to reboot the computer by pressing the reset button or power switch . Of course, end users hated doing this (they still do, in fact) because all running applications terminated; more importantly, any data that these applications were processing was thrown out of memory and lost . Microsoft knew that 16-bit Windows would not be a good enough operating system to keep Microsoft relevant as the computer industry progressed, so they set out to build a new OS to address the needs of corporations and individuals . This new OS had to be robust, reliable, scalable, and secure, and it had to improve the many deficiencies of 16-bit Windows . This OS kernel originally shipped in Microsoft Windows NT . Over the years, this kernel has had many tweaks and features added to it . The latest version of this kernel ships in the latest versions of the Microsoft client and server Windows operating systems . When Microsoft was designing this OS kernel, they decided to run each instance of an application in what is called a process . A process is just a collection of resources that is used by a single instance of an application . Each process is given a virtual address space, ensuring that the code and data used by one process is not accessible to another process . This makes application instances robust because one process cannot corrupt code or data being used by another . In addition, the OS s kernel code and data are not accessible to processes; therefore, it s not possible for application code to corrupt operating system code or data . So now, application code cannot corrupt other applications or the OS itself, and the whole computing experience is much better for end users . In addition, the system is more secure because application code cannot access user names, passwords, credit card information, or other sensitive information that is in use by another application or the operating system itself . This is all well and good, but what about the CPU itself What if an application enters an infinite loop Well, if there is only one CPU in the machine, then it executes the infinite loop and cannot execute anything else, so while the data cannot be corrupted and is more secure, the system could still stop responding to the end user . Microsoft needed to fix this problem, too, and threads were the answer . A thread is a Windows concept whose job is to virtualize the CPU . Windows gives each process its very own thread (which functions similar to a CPU), and if application code enters an infinite loop, the process associated with that code freezes up, but other processes (which have their own threads) are not frozen; they keep running!
Components have many more features than modules and generally have an entire configuration interface. For that reason, components have their own menu on the Joomla Administrator interface menu bar. There are only five components included with the Joomla installation that have a visible user interface. These are the Banners, Contacts, Newsfeeds, Polls, and Weblinks components. Each of these components has a menu under the Components item in the Adminstrator interface menu. The menu for each component has selections for all of the tab items that will appear in the component configuration window.
CHAPTER 5: Doing More with Qt
After you ve logged on RWW, you ll see the main RWW page shown in Figure 14-16. From here, you can connect to a computer on your SBS network, log on to Outlook Web Access, go to your internal home page, change your password, or if you re logged on as an administrator, connect to a server to perform system maintenance. You can customize this RWW landing page, even adding links to applications on your network using TS RemoteApps. We ll cover customization of this site in 19, Managing Connectivity, and TS RemoteApps is covered in 25, Adding a Terminal Server.
The Lists 1 sheet represents an atypical use of the sheet s structures (see Figure 11-4) . The output value of the SpinButton is used in N7 to generate a string that, for its part, becomes the content of the linked label field in the Focus 1 sheet .
Other Useful Building Blocks
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Storing application information has always been a challenge for developers of traditional web applications. Often, implementing such storage means storing information in cookies or on the server, which requires using a postback to retrieve the data. In the case of desktop applications, implementing storage for application information is significantly easier, as developers have more access to the user s hard drive. Once again, Silverlight bridges the gap between desktop applications and web applications by offering isolated storage. Using the Silverlight classes for working with isolated storage, you can not only store settings locally, but also create files and directories, as well as read and write files within isolated storage.
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