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Collaborative Construction Provides Mentoring in Corporate Culture and Programming Expertise
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The code above shows how you can get an instance of the default database and a named instance (using the name in the connection strings section). Using the default database is a useful approach because you can change which of the databases defined in your configuration is the default simply by editing the configuration file, without requiring recompilation or redeployment of the application. Notice that the code above references the database instances as instances of the Database base class. This is required for compatibility if you want to be able to change the database type at some later stage. However, it means that you can only use the
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confines of this book . Over the course of several examples, you ll be introduced to relevant solutions and suggestions, some of which I ve supplemented with detailed comments and explanations . However, I strongly advise you to conduct your own extensive experiments in order to tap into the rich design potential that s available . I ll start with an introduction to the formatting dialog box and the terminology used there . The explanations below correspond to the numbers shown on the right in Figure 4-10 . It s very important to note that I m not suggesting you follow these steps in sequence . A stepby-step guide is provided later in this chapter, with some practical examples by way of illustration . You choose the Fill option on the left of the formatting dialog box . 1. If you then select Gradient fill on the right of the dialog box, additional controls relating to this option are displayed . 2. The Preset colors setting allows you to open a list of proposed templates, a feature which I find largely superfluous . I ve only used it when first becoming accustomed to Excel 2007, and only then to find out how these sometimes kaleidoscopic gradient color schemes are technically realized . If you click one of the preset color schemes, it is applied to the selected element in the worksheet . 3. The Type setting allows you to configure the basic direction of the gradient . (This more or less corresponds with the options in the Shading styles area in the traditional dialog box shown in Figure 4-6 .) 4. Once you ve selected a type, a list of available options is displayed in the Direction box . These indicate which gradient directions are available based on the selected type (this corresponds to the options in the Variants area of the traditional dialog box) . 5. If you select linear as your type, you can then enter a number between 0 and 360 (degrees) in the Angle box to rotate the entire color fill at any angle you like . The final decision you need to make relates to the gradient stops . Gradient stops is a complex setting that allows you to define all of the following, either directly or indirectly:
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protected void BuildPalindromesTable() { this.alPalindromes = (ArrayList)this.ViewState["palindromes"]; if (this.alPalindromes != null) { foreach (string s in this.alPalindromes) { TableCell tableCell = new TableCell(); tableCell.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.Double; tableCell.BorderWidth = 3; tableCell.Text = s; TableRow tableRow = new TableRow(); tableRow.Cells.Add(tableCell); this.tablePalindromes.Rows.Add(tableRow); }
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Table 8-3
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Creating a Web Part Page
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Use an object plan guide when the statement that you want to apply the hint to resides in a T-SQL routine . The applicable routines are: stored procedures, scalar UDFs, multi-statement table-valued UDFs, and DML triggers in the current database . To demonstrate object plan guides, first run the following code, which re-creates the stored procedure GetOrders that you used in the section Variable Sniffing earlier:
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You can add columns or constraint definitions to an existing table with the ADD option. The MODIFY option allows you to change definitions of existing columns. For example, you can widen a column, allow null values with NULL, or prohibit null values with NOT NULL. You can drop columns from tables with the DROP COLUMN option. You can also set columns to unused with the ALTER TABLE ... SET UNUSED command, and physically remove them from the database later with the ALTER TABLE ... DROP UNUSED COLUMNS command. This may be useful when you want to drop multiple columns in a single scan (accessing the rows only once). The RENAME COLUMN option allows you to change the name of a column.
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The XmlWriter Base Class XML writers are based on the XmlWriter abstract class that defines the .NET Framework interface for writing XML. The XmlWriter class is not directly creatable from user applications, but it can be used as a reference type for objects that are instances of classes derived from XmlWriter. Actually, the .NET Framework provides just one class that gives a concrete implementation of the XmlWriter interface the XmlTextWriter class. 113
Blocking Intruders with Windows Firewall
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public void DealWithRequest() { HttpContext thisRequest = HttpContext.Current; thisRequest.Response.Write("<h3> Hello World</h3>"); }
Note You could develop an app that has no need to permanently store data or operates without a
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