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If you recall from 12, the data class for time series data had member variables for open, close, high, low, volume, adjusted close, and date. Consider here how to implement these in this class, where changing the value (on a binding or otherwise) causes an event to be raised.
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Remote access policies are an ordered set of rules that define how connections are either accepted or rejected. For connections that are accepted, remote access poli cies can also define connection restrictions. For each rule, there are one or more conditions, a set of profile settings, and a remote access permission setting. Con nection attempts are evaluated against the remote access policies in order, trying to determine whether the connection attempt matches all the conditions of each policy. If the connection attempt does not match all the conditions of any policy, the connection attempt is rejected.
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The main computer in the SBS domain is the domain controller. In many if not most SBS domains, the domain controller is the only server. It hosts Active Directory and all the components of SBS, and it also acts as the le and print server for the domain. All computers in the domain must authenticate to the domain controller, and all domain security is controlled by it.
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app = new App app.start()
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8. Answer the following questions in the spaces provided. How many active address leases now appear in the details pane of the DHCP console when the Address Leases folder is selected To which computer is this address assigned
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Opportunity folder
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8.6 Group Functions.......................................................................................................211
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Visual C++ .NET provides nonstandard extensions to the C++ language that allow developers to create C++ applications that take advantage of the .NET platform.
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The selection of the right shift in this example is intentional. Among experienced programmers, it s common knowledge that for integers, right shift is functionally equivalent to divide-by-two.
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Advanced properties of a connection security rule.
In Routing And Remote Access, routing protocols provide communication between routers. Windows Server 2003 includes four routing protocols that can be added to the Routing And Remote Access service: the dynamic routing protocols RIP and OSPF, the multicast routing protocol IGMP Router And Proxy, and DHCP Relay Agent.
elements is a synonym for widget or form control) where we want them, and make the interface logical for people to use. Luckily, Shoes provides for us in this aspect. Shoes allows you to position elements absolutely. This means you can specify a pixel offset from the top left of the window, and the element will be placed there. Let s take our previous two button example and specify some absolute positions for the buttons: Shoes.app(:width => 400, :height => 180) do button("Get the time", :top => 100, :left => 20) do alert Time.now end button("Get a random number", :top => 100, :left => 150) do alert rand(100) end end In this example, the buttons are absolutely positioned using the pixel offsets specified by the :top and :left parameters. You might also notice that we ve specified a height and width for the application window itself using :width and :height on the Shoes.app call. The results are shown in Figure 16-2.
The word animation literally means imparting life onto something. So, with animation you can bring your creations to life by changing the attributes of the objects, such as their color, size, opacity, and other properties, over time or in response to user actions. In XAML, you animate an item by changing one or more of its properties over time. Time is defined using a timeline. For example, to move an item across the screen in 5 seconds, you d specify a 5-second timeline that animates the Canvas.Left property from 0 to the width of the screen. The following sections discuss each type of animation available, as well as the difference in animating these properties using key frames. Before you look into the different animation types, you should know that there is a framework around animations that involves the Trigger, EventTrigger, and Storyboard objects. First, take a look at these concepts, and then examine the different animation types in more detail.
MSBuild 3.5 introduces a few new reserved properties. These are summarized in Table A-1.
1 The CLR s Execution Model
Managing Buffering and Download
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