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// Retrieves list of products that belong to a category public static function GetProductsInCategory( $categoryId, $pageNo, &$rHowManyPages) { // Query that returns the number of products in the category $sql = 'SELECT catalog_count_products_in_category(:category_id);'; $params = array (':category_id' => $categoryId); // Calculate the number of pages required to display the products $rHowManyPages = Catalog::HowManyPages($sql, $params); // Calculate the start item $start_item = ($pageNo - 1) * PRODUCTS_PER_PAGE; // Retrieve the list of products $sql = 'SELECT * FROM catalog_get_products_in_category( :category_id, :short_product_description_length, :products_per_page, :start_item);'; $params = array ( ':category_id' => $categoryId, ':short_product_description_length' => SHORT_PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION_LENGTH, ':products_per_page' => PRODUCTS_PER_PAGE, ':start_item' => $start_item); $result = DatabaseHandler::Prepare($sql); // Execute the query and return the results return DatabaseHandler::GetAll($result, $params); } This function has two purposes: Calculate the number of subpages of products, and return this number through the &$rHowManyPages parameter. To calculate this number, the HowManyPages method you ve added earlier is used. The SQL query that is used to retrieve the total number of products calls the catalog_count_products_in_category database function that you added earlier to your databases. Return the list of products in the mentioned category.
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EXEC dbo.GetOrders '20060101';
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element for each property in your custom type. Set each element s name to match that of a property in your custom type.
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Con guring and Managing E-Mail
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Appendix E. Cross-Language Code Interoperability
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The following sections describe some more commonly used groups.
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E xErcIsE 1 Creating a WCF Service Application
Here s the complete <UserControl> header definition, including this declaration:
Figure 1-10
And, of course, if you want to specify your own values for all parameters, just specify them in order:
I think finally blocks are awesome! They allow you to specify a block of code that s guaranteed to execute no matter what kind of exception the thread throws . You should use finally blocks to clean up from any operation that successfully started before returning to your call-
// Define the pattern for the content XmlSchemaPatternFacet XmlSchemaPatternFacet(); provPattern = new
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